Life Saver About Us

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc., a top-rated pool fence manufacturer, has been Keeping Little Feet on Solid Ground for over a quarter century. A family owned and operated company based in Delray Beach, FL, Life Saver products are proudly manufactured in the USA and distributed to Life Saver Distributors located in most major cities throughout the US, and also around the globe in over 15 countries spanning five continents. Life Saver has two fully stocked and operational shipping facilities, one in Florida and one in California, offering Life Saver Distributors and customers vastly reduced shipping times, no matter where they are in the country.

In 2011, Life Saver, one of the country’s top three biggest pool fence companies, absorbed Pool Barrier, possibly the country’s fourth largest, in what was the first ever major consolidation in the history of the industry, arguably making Life Saver the largest pool fence company in the world. That same year, Life Saver also acquired the specialty boutique brand, Pool Fence Pro, which brought quality pool fencing to pool industry professionals.

With these acquisitions, Life Saver Systems, Inc. produces five distinct pool fence brands, offering consumers unparalleled choice: Life Saver Pool Fence, Pool Barrier, Pool Corral, Pool Fence Pro, and PoolFenceDIY.

Life Saver is deeply involved in pool safety beyond just distributing pool fencing. Life Saver is the only pool safety fence company recognized by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely Campaign as a Safety Leader, an extremely high honor bestowed only to organizations making a serious contribution to pool safety efforts nationwide. Life Saver is also a partner of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. In addition, Life Saver’s President, Eric Lupton, personally owns and manages Facebook’s largest Facebook page dedicated to child drowning prevention, called Pool Safety for Children, which boasts over 15,000 active followers.

Life Saver Pool Fence History



April 17, 1987 Life Saver Founded

Robert and Ruth Lupton founded Life Saver Systems, Inc., childproofing homes professionally, manufacturing pool fence in their garage, and selling and installing the fence locally — all while raising two young children. Ruth would sew mesh at night while the kids slept. Robert’s earnings from his newspaper route was their advertising budget.

1988 Safety Tips for Consideration Book Published

Robert Lupton authors and publishes his critically acclaimed child proofing book, Safety Tips for Consideration.

1988 – 1992
(4 years)
First Warehouse

Life Saver moved from the Lupton’s garage to a small shop in Boynton Beach, FL.

1990 1st Distributor

Life Saver recruited and setup their first wholesale pool fence distributor.

1992 – 1999
(7 years)
Second Warehouse

Life Saver moved to a larger facility.

1998 Launched

Life Saver launched its now famous web site,

1999 – 2001
(2 years)
6,000 sq ft Corporate HQ

Life Saver moved to its current facility in Delray Beach, FL — upgrading to 6,000 sq ft.

2001 – 2005
(4 years)
Upgraded to 9,000 Square Feet
2005 – 2014
(9 years)
Expanded to 13,000 Square Feet
2006 New President

Eric Lupton, Robert’s son, with over a decade of experience with the company, takes over as Life Saver’s President and begins managing day-to-day operations. At 24, he is by far the industry’s youngest chief executive.

2008 Extreme Home Makeovers

Life Saver Pool Fence is featured on TV.

2009 Good Morning America

Life Saver Pool Fence is featured on TV.

2010 2010 Parents’ Choice Award – Best Pool Safety
November 1, 2010 100 Distributors in 14 Countries Spanning 5 Continents
2011 The Doctors

Life Saver Pool Fence is featured on TV.

02/01/2011 Save a Life Program

Life Saver launched the Save a Life Program, donating free pool fences to non-fatal drowning victims and their families.

May 1, 2011 CPSC Safety Leader

Life Saver is elected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to be a Pool Safely Campaign Safety Leader.

10/8/2011 RIP Ruth Lupton

Founding officer Ruth Lupton passes away after a struggle with cancer.

12/14/2011 Acquisition of Pool Barrier Brand and Dealers

In the first ever consolidation of a major pool fence brand, Life Saver acquired the Pool Barrier product line and distributors, making Life Saver, without question, the world’s largest pool fence company.

5/25/2012 Opened West Coast Distribution Center

Pole Construction

Over the years, Life Saver Pool Fence’s poles have evolved considerably.

April 17, 1987 – 1992
(4 years, 8 months, and 15 days)
Hollow Pole
1991 – 1994
(3 years)
Fiberglass Pole

Life Saver began using fiberglass poles. They were discontinued because of inherent problems in using fiberglass for pool fence — namely fading, cracking, and splintering.

1992 – 1998
(6 years)
Reinforced Pole

Hollow pole reinforced with PVC

1996 – 2010
(14 years)
Quad-X Pole

Life Saver premieres the Quad-X aluminum pole, featuring an X shaped extrusion down the center. At the time, this was the strongest pole available.

1999 In-House Powder Coating

Life Saver purchased a complete powder-coating line to powder-coat the poles in-house to monitor quality control and decrease lead times.

2010 – 2013
(3 years)
Solid Pole

Life Saver revolutionizes the industry with the Solid Pole — an aluminum pole critically reinforced with PVC and a solid aluminum rod at the center.

2011 – 2013
(2 years)
Extreme Conditions PoleA truly extreme pole, the Extreme Conditions Pole boasted an unheard of 1/8″ wall thickness — strength usually reserved for gate uprights and termination posts, not regular pool fence poles.
2013 Solid 105 Pole

Life Saver revolutionizes the industry again with the Solid 105 Pole — combining the three layer technology of the Solid Pole with the incredible 1/8″ wall thickness of the Extreme Conditions pole, creating without question the strongest support post ever seen on a pool fence.


Over the years, Life Saver Pool Fence’s border has evolved considerably.

April 17, 1987 – 1990
(2 years, 8 months, and 15 days)
One Stitch Border
1990 – 1996
(6 years)
Two Stitch Border
1996 – 2002
(6 years)
Three Stitch Border
2002 – 2014
(12 years)
Quad Stitch Border

Other Product Improvements

Over the years, Life Saver Pool Fence evolved considerably.

1989 First Life Saver Self-Closing Gate
2001 – 2014
(13 years)
Nickel-Plated Snap Latches

The snap latch has become a distinguishing characteristic of Life Saver Pool Fence and offers several advantages, including no sharp hooks and accessibility by right and left handed parents.

2004 – 2014
(10 years)

The Life Saver Perma-Lock offers additional security and makes the pool fence permanent to satisfy local codes.

2011 – 2014
(3 years)
SafeTech Hinges
2012 Premiered the Life Saver Arched Gate

Eric Lupton


Eric started with Life Saver in 1997 in an administrative and marketing capacity. Having previously owned a boutique web design firm, his first work was bolstering Life Saver’s web presence, an area he oversees directly to this day. He became the company’s Executive Vice President in 2002, managing many of the company’s day-to-day operations, before taking over as President in early 2006 with the retirement of the company’s founder, and his father, Robert Lupton.

As President, Eric sets the long-term strategic vision for Life Saver and develops the programs and initiatives to see that vision come to fruition. From 2010-2011, Eric spearheaded and oversaw the first ever major consolidation in the pool fence industry, with Life Saver absorbing the Pool Barrier brand and customers, effectively making Life Saver the largest pool fence company in the world.

Eric is an accomplished author and graphic designer. He has been featured as an expert in two New York Times Best Sellers on writing effective marketing copy and his thoughts on online marketing have been quoted by publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. These days, Eric is mostly sought after and interviewed by the media as an expert on pool safety. A lifelong pool safety advocate, Eric serves on the Board of Directors for the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) and was unanimously voted to take over as the NDPA Vice President in 2016. In addition, he was chosen by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as a Pool Safely Campaign Safety Leader, was a finalist candidate for the 2011 Life Saver of the Year Award, has been a recommended recipient of the CPSC Chairman’s Award for 2011, 2012, and 2013, is the founder of Manufacturers Advocating Pool Safety (MAPS), and launched the charitable Save a Life Pool Fence Donation Program in 2011. Eric started, personally manages, and contributes to the largest pool safety page on Facebook, Pool Safety for Children, which has over 15,000 followers.

Eric manages all of this while living with a severe disability, cerebral palsy, caused by a brain injury during birth, that requires him to use an electric wheelchair and need help for many day-to-day tasks. His symptoms are almost identical to those that can be experienced by near-drowning survivors. Fortunately, neither his speech or his intellect were affected; multiple IQ tests put him in the country’s top 0.1 percentile. To put that another way, his score is higher than 99.9% of Americans. (Eric asked that if we include that trivia that we mention that he takes little stock in IQ tests and does not believe they are an accurate indicator of a person’s capabilities or potential.)

Eric claims he is “one of the seven” actual natives of Boynton Beach, FL. He has a strong interest in design and technology, the way they affect culture and society, and spends a lot of his free time reading on these topics — when he’s not staying up to date with Game of Thrones and House of Cards. His favorite web sites are,, and, and he has an intense love for milk, baked potatoes, and alfredo sauce, though not usually at the same time.

Eric studied Business Management at Kaplan University.

Robert Lupton

Chief Financial Officer / Founder

Robert A. Lupton was born a native of New York in 1950, spent first grade in Key West, several years on Cedar Island, North Carolina, and high school in Corpus Christi, Texas, before following in the foot steps of his father, a veteran of World War II, by enlisting in the U.S. Army and volunteering to be sent to Vietnam. Robert served first in South Korea during the Pueblo Incident before arriving in Vietnam, where he served in a combat position as an air cavalry scout observer and Long Range Patrol (LRP).

Robert worked in several management and executive positions before becoming Vice President of Glasgow Equipment Service, Inc., a 100+ employee fuel storage and dispensing company. Robert left the high stress position to focus on his young family and seek out a more personally fulfilling entrepreneurial endeavor. In 1987, he founded Safe Baby, Inc., an in-home childproofing company that began to focus more and more on pool safety, soon evolving into Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc.

Maxing out his credit, second mortgaging his home, and accruing substantial debt to raise the necessary capital, Robert took on a major risk to begin manufacturing mesh pool fence. He and his wife, Ruth, built the business together. Ruth would sew mesh at night while their young children slept, and during the day Robert would build fencing, do estimates, and install jobs while Ruth ran the office and cared for two children — one disabled. The wages Robert earned from his 4 AM paper route were his advertising budget. The risk and hard work eventually paid returns. Life Saver grew from the Luptons’ garage into a 13,000 square foot facility and Life Saver distributors are throughout the US and in 15 countries spanning 5 continents.

Robert switched to part-time in 2004 and retired fully from day-to-day involvement in 2006. Shortly after, Ruth developed emphysema to the point of needing a double lung transplant, making Robert her primary caretaker. After the transplant, she courageously battled cancer before passing away on October 8th, 2011. In November of 2011, Robert returned to work part-time, resuming a full-time schedule by the start of 2012. With a background in finance and accounting, Robert acts as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Robert enjoys tropical vacations and being on the ocean in any form possible. A lifelong Royal Caribbean customer, he has been on nearly 50 cruises. He’s also a lover of sailing, and enjoys his Catalina 320 sail boat as much as possible. Robert is also a voracious reader and consumer of audio books — he goes through an average of three books every week, his favorites set in the days of the old British navy. He has four sons, three of which are involved in Life Saver, one granddaughter, and two dogs: Bailey, an Ameican Pit Bull Terrier, and Winston, a West Highland Terrier.

Steven Berger

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Steven started his professional career as an electrician, owning and operating his own electrical contractor business for several years before developing an interest in child safety. Steve’s story is similar to Life Saver’s: he started doing in-home child proofing before eventually focusing solely on mesh pool safety fencing. Steve became Life Saver’s primary distributor for the northeastern United States over 15 years ago, and built Life Saver Northeast into a successful enterprise. Steve’s relationship with the company deepened as he became responsible for setting up new dealers first just in New England, and then throughout the entire United States.

Steve formally joined Life Saver Systems, Inc. as an officer in 2011, doubling down on his role of finding and training new dealers, as well as assisting and supporting existing dealers. He teaches the annual Life Saver Distributor Conference each February in South Florida, drawing business owners from around the country to attend. In addition, Steve continues to operate his distributorship in New York to continue to gain first hand experience in the techniques and strategies utilized by successful dealers.

Steve has been featured on television several times as a pool safety expert. He is a licensed CPR instructor and a member of the National Association of Child Proofers. In 2008, he authored the 44 page Life Saver Pool Fence Installation Manual, the definitive bible for new and experienced pool fence installers.

Steve loves to travel, is a human joke encyclopedia, an avid movie watcher, and a fan of Dexter, Game of Thrones, and the Sopranos. He has one daughter, Alexa, who is attending college in New York.

Garret Wroblewski

Vice President of Operations

Garret has been working with Life Saver since 1999, in literally all capacities. He has done every single job in the factory, managed every production department, represented Life Saver in trade shows and conferences, written technical manuals, and been crucial in systems and product design. Garret has excelled in every role he has served in, making him uniquely capable for his position. In addition to managing the company’s manufacturing operation, Garret lends his unique expertise to helping dealers with technical challenges, custom orders, and more. Garret also works directly with Steve in setting up and training new distributors.

Garret is a certified welder, and opened his own welding and fabrication business in 2008. He studied Business Administration at the University of Phoenix, is a certified SCUBA diver, an accomplished fisherman, and married his long-time girlfriend and best friend on May 4, 2013.

Garret and Ines enjoy traveling, creating homemade culinary adventures (Garret makes an amazing grouper parmesan), boating and fishing with friends, and following The Walking Dead.

Kate Manuel

Logistics Manager

Kate does all of the things no one else in the office is smart enough to do. Kate keeps all of the day-to-day wheels of Life Saver turning, managing incoming orders, negotiating shipping rates with freight companies, coordinating shipments, answering customer questions, referring retail customers to the appropriate distributor, managing the online chat system, and much, much more. Very little happens each day that isn’t at least touched by Kate at some point.

When she’s not making Life Saver distributors happy, Kate is a much sought after public speaker and an amazing counselor to women seeking to improve their lives.

Previously, Kate traveled the world developing and opening gourmet restaurants. She attended her senior year of high school in Finland and studied Behavioral Science at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Kate is an excellent Scrabble player, and loves puns, swimming, and spicy food — she also has an aversion to creamy foods (specifically anything softer than mozzarella, which means her and Eric won’t be sharing alfredo any time soon). She is also a big fan of Dexter, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and theCHIVE. Keep calm. Chive on.