Patented Life Saver Solid Pole

Our Patented Life Saver Solid Pole is three times stronger than the industry standard – guaranteed.  The industry standard only has one layer of metal to support the pole. The Patented Life Saver Solid Pole, on the other hand, has three layers, giving it triple the strength! The solid pole is also omnidirectional, so it can bend and flex in the whipping winds of Arkansas without breaking.

Textilene Mesh

To string our poles together, we use some of the best weaving techniques and materials available. Our basket weave provides the highest tensile strength possible. The nylon material that the mesh is made out of is also quite expensive to manufacture, but that is no worry: we want our customers to have the most reliable and durable material available. The textilene mesh is dual directional so, like our poles, it can also bend and flex with the wind.

Safety Snap Latch

We offer two different locking systems for our fences. The first is the safety snap latch.  This is an automatic locking system that will provide a secure and steady lock each time. The latch is made out of stainless steel, so you can rest assured that it will be able to hold up against the elements.


For parents and homeowners who want that extra level of security, we offer the Perma-Lock. The only difference between the Perma-Lock and the Safety Snap Latch is that the Perma-Lock requires a special tool to open it, while the Safety Snap Latch does not.

Double-Truss Square Stock

The gate is perhaps the most important part of the pool fence – it is definitely the most used.  So, you want a gate that you can count on.  Our Double-Truss Square Stock is made out of the most aluminum available – 33% more than the industry standard, to be exact.  This gate is sturdy and prepared to get the regular use your pool will enjoy.

Arched Pool Gate

Our other option for a gate is the Arched Gate. Like our other gate, the Arched Gate is durable and ready to stand up to the climate of Arkansas and the beating your family might give it! The only real difference between the gates is the design of them.  So, you can take a look at our product brochure and get an idea of which style better suits your backyard.

Life Saver Pool Fence understands that you do not want your new pool fence to spoil the aesthetic of your backyard.  Don’t worry – our fences are mostly transparent, so you will still enjoy a nice view of your pool and backyard. In addition, you can work with our professional technicians and they will help you design a fence that is suitable to your style.  You can also customize the color of your fence!   Life Saver Pool Fences are also backed by a 100-year warranty and all of our materials and fences are manufactured right here in the USA!

Pool Fence Installations in Arkansas

In the hot and humid climate of Arkansas, many people look for ways to escape the heat. The average high in July is right up in the mid-90s! With that serious heat, families and homeowners need a respite from the intense weather. Though there are no large bodies of water in Arkansas, there is still a way to cool off: installing a pool.

A pool is a great way to unwind and relax in the summer. Instead of staying inside, you can relax outside and still avoid the heat. Pools are also great for socializing, exercise, and building your child’s self-esteem.

As you might know, owning a pool is a huge responsibility – one that should not be taken lightly.  Each pool owner should have ready access to a first aid kit, life preservers, and pool alarms. Perhaps most importantly, every pool in Arkansas should have a Life Saver Pool Fence. An unsupervised pool poses a serious threat to children, as accidental drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4.

A Life Saver Pool Fence will help protect your children or pets from wandering into an unsupervised pool and drowning.  As a homeowner in the state of Arkansas, there are some pool fence guidelines that you must be in compliance with:

  • For any pool deeper than two feet, a barrier or fence of at least four feet must surround the pool
  • Lattices in the fence should not exceed 1 ¾ inches in diameter
  • The space between the bottom of the fence and the ground should not exceed two inches

Areas We Serve

Right now, Life Saver Pool Fence serves homes throughout Arkansas through our Do-It-Yourself pool fence option. Swimming pools in Arkansas must adhere to state regulations regarding pool fence barriers. Arkansas regulations state that a swimming pool must be enclosed by a barrier that prevents entry except through self-closing, self-latching and lockable gates or doors. The barrier must also not prevent visual observation of the pool. The barrier must be at least four feet in height.

Barriers shall not have open spaces greater than four inches horizontally, and there shall not be more than four inches of space between the bottom of the barrier and the ground’s surface or the pool deck.

About Arkansas

Arkansas is a beautiful state located in the Midwest, home to about 3 million residents – many of which enjoy a backyard pool!  The capital of Arkansas is a wonderful city called Little Rock.  Arkansas is home to one of the celebrated and influential country musicians, Johnny Cash.  Arkansas is also home to the heroic and intrepid general of the US Army during World War ll and Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Douglas MaCarthur.

Pool Safety Resources for Arkansas Residents

Take the time to share these resources with your family.  Everyone should know about pool safety.

Check out our pool safety guide here:

We have helpful water safety information on our blog here:

We also recommend joining our Facebook community. It’s an excellent resource for Parents! Join the movement and Be a Life Saver.

You can also read our Pool Safety Tips below. It’s a great infographic tips sheet to make sure you are doing everything possible as a parent.

Remember, the most important thing about water safety is to stay proactive, and to make sure that you have excellent parental supervision, physical barriers of entry to the pool, and many layers of protection.

Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is one of the best things you can do to protect your family and your pool. Talk to one of our pool safety experts today and get your FREE consultation. Call 1-800-282-3836 or fill out the Contact Us right here.