Be A Life Saver

What can you do to help?

Protect your pool. Protect your family. Protect your neighbors’ families. 

Just having the Life Saver Pool Fence isolating and protecting your pool goes a long way toward eradicating childhood drowning. Not only is your own family much safer with the Life Saver Pool Fence in place, but you have also reduced the chances of a child drowning for the entire neighborhood.

If every pool was secured by multiple layers of protection, this alone would drastically reduce the number of children who drown each year.

Children with autism often wander, and when this happens, drowning is the cause of death 90% of the time. That’s right: NINETY percent. But it’s not just children with autism. All kids are at risk. Every year, far too many children drown in an unprotected neighbor’s pool. In 2018, the nation grieved with Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, after their daughter Emmy tragically drown… in a neighbor’s pool.


Your Life Saver Pool Fence helps to protect your pool from these kinds of accidents. Combined with other layers of protection, like alarms, teaching your children survival swim, and knowing CPR, you have as close to a fail-safe system as possible.

A pool fence around your pool makes your community safer.

As a Life Saver, other parents look up to you. You’re setting an example for the whole community. Seeing your pool made safer by a pool fence will encourage others to take the necessary precautions as well. With enough parents like you, having a pool without a pool fence will seem as outlandish as owning a car without seatbelts. Just a couple decades ago, it was rare to see a child on a bicycle wearing a helmet. Now, it is strange to see a kid without a helmet. These things become cultural norms when enough people do them. But they always have to start with people like you. With the Life Savers.

Once you have secured your own pool and enrolled your children in survival swimming lessons, what else can you do to help reduce the staggering number of child drownings each year?

Since Rich Specht’s child drown in 2012, he has often said that drowning did not kill his son, Rees. Ignorance did. He was an overprotective dad who thought he was doing everything right to keep his children safe. But he did not know the drowning is the leading accidental killer of toddlers. He didn’t realize the massive threat the body of water in his backyard posed.

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If ignorance is what killed his son, the solution is education.

Everyone these days has a platform and a voice through social media. Below are educational images and videos that you can share on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to get the word out about this deadly epidemic. If more people know the truth about drowning and how to prevent it, they can take the necessary steps to save our children. You’ll never know if the video you shared on Facebook saved a child’s life, but it might have. If you want even more water safety content that you can share, subscribe to our weekly email newsletter and blog. You can also like us on Facebook and Instagram, where we are constantly posting drowning prevention information that you can share with your friends and family to help make them safer.

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After securing your pool and using your voice to educate others, how else can you continue to be a Life Saver and help?

There are many water safety nonprofits, many of which were founded after a child fatally drowned and their parents were moved to turn their tragedy into charity.

Below are organizations that we personally work with and we can vouch for 100%. Each one is doing amazing work, and they are all in desperate need of support. If you can volunteer, please do. They need you. If you can donate, please do. They need you.