Life Saver Pool Fence Systems Customer Reviews

“I’m writing this note to you to tell you how much I appreciate the fine work you did at my home. I was hesitant to have a baby fence installed thinking it would be ugly and not very convenient. I was wrong. The fence is actually nice and your installation process makes access to the pool very easy. My children have already tested its integrity and it passed with flying colors. Thank you again for making my pool area a safer place. I will recommend you and your process to my friends who love their children.”  Robert Gonzalez, LUTCF

“I would like to thank you for the terrific job that you did regarding the installation of the pool fence at my home in Miami Lakes. As a parent of a two year old, I was most anxious to get my fence installed. I want you to know how much I appreciate how quickly you responded to my request, particularly under such horrible weather conditions. Thanks again. It was truly a pleasure doing business with your firm. Should you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.” – Eddie Rodriguez

“I want to thank you for the excellent job you did installing our baby gate. I am extremely pleased with the quality product you use and the professional manner in which it was installed. I am also pleased with the presentation you gave during the initial meeting. Your knowledge was helpful in educating me on what to look for when I spoke with other companies. I also like the locks you use as opposed to other companies I looked at. They use the hook and eye lock and this is very sharp upon and opening with this type of lock you can scratch your fingers and they also rust which can be very harmful. Overall, I am very satisfied with my Life Saver Pool Fence and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for this type of product. I look forward to referring you to my friends.”  Rick, Kelli & Brooke (The Behar Family of Weston, Florida)

“Life Saver Pool Fence has recently installed a four foot high removable child proof fence around my pool and I am very happy with their product, price, and installation. I highly recommend Life Saver Pool Fence to anyone who needs this type of fence. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.” – Ardeshir Mahtabfar

“I am writing to commend you on your pool fence product. We had your pool fence installed about 8 ½ months ago. It looks as good and new now as it did when we had it installed. The fencing is still tight and the aluminum poles are still straight and snug. Also, the stitching has not unraveled and the paint on the poles has not faded. I have noticed a difference with the triple stitching* on this fence compared to the double on most others, as our friends have. Their fencing is not as tight and the stitching is more spread out instead of being close and tight. Everything with our fence is as it was 8 ½ months ago with no aging whatsoever. We have 2 children, ages 3 and 5 months, and feel very secure with the Life Saver Pool Fence we had purchased. It was the very first thing we purchased for this house, and probably the most important. I would definitely recommend this product above all others to anyone in the market for a pool fence.” – Steve Schwartz

* We’ve since upgraded our border to QuadStitch, even further enhancing the strength.

“By the way, we love the fence, it is really easy to take down when entertaining with adults and it really is a “life saver” to have with little toddlers and kids running around!” – Jennifer Miglioratti Tabbi

“I already spoke to your local distributor and they are coming out next week to give me a quote. The person I spoke with was super nice, helpful and pleasant and I can tell I am going to like doing business with your company. Thanks.” – Anonymous

“The safety features of the Life Saver Pool Fence provides peace of mind when our two young children are playing in the backyard, but the fact that the fence is also easily removable gives up options when entertaining adults. Case’ attention to detail helped us design the best possible layout for our yard. We would highly recommend Case and the Life Saver Fence.” – Todd & Tracey Heslop, Tecumseh Ontario

“As the mom of a 2-year old and an owner of a pool, I couldn’t sleep at night, sick with worry that my son was going to fall into the pool and drown (when I was not home, of course!). I googled “pool fence” and was lucky enough to find your website. From our first interaction, I knew you and your product were the answer to my sleepless nights. I was right! In a nutshell, you sell an excellent product. In addition, your clear product explanation, quick responses to my requests for a quote and installation, flexibility with regard to scheduling, and most importantly, workmanship were all top notch. I wish everyone in the service industry treated their customers as well as you do and delivered a product that meets expectations like you do. I will definitely recommend you and your fence to everyone who has a pool and loves their children. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and thanks so much for helping keep my son safe from the pool.” – Anonymous

“The fence looks great and will certainly serve the purpose I wanted it for. The dogs have not tried jumping on it or getting to the pool and neither have the kids.” – Shawna Deeds, Centerville Michigan

“I am very impressed. I knew I would be, but seeing it in my own backyard is cool. You did a great job and it will serve its purpose wonderfully as well as being quite attractive. All the in-laws have been around and they all comment on how great it is so well done!” – Rhys, Taylor Michigan

“Casey and his team at Life Saver did an amazing job! We couldn’t recommend them more. The work they did was great quality and they were true professionals. Thank you!!” – Michael Swisher

“Christian did a phenomenal job today putting up our pool fence today. Worked hard and fast even in 100 degree heat! Looks great! Fence is sturdy and secure. We are very happy customers! Will recommend Life Saver for sure!” – Eileen Rigolizzo

“Responsive, professional, fence looked great when installed. Super happy with Casey and LifeSaver company! – Alex Kalinovsky

“The best pool fencing on the market! Not only do they manufacture the highest quality pool fencing, they also have dealers across the US to help families get these installed. One more great thing about this business is that it’s more than “just a business” it’s a mission. To prevent drownings by education on not only fencing the pool but also the layers of parent education, getting the child skilled in the water and also learning CPR! Thanks for all you do! Proud to be a part of it!! <3″ – Darlene Haskins

“Casey and his team were great to work with. We feel much better knowing our children are save. Thanks Casey!” – Adam Geller

Consultation was clear and easy to understand. Installation was done neat and orderly. And follow-up service was provided when needed. Excellent all-around experience. – Joshua Borthwick

“I had a great experience with this company. I did a lot of research about pool fences, and the companies that install them. I was confident that Life Saver had the best fence, and Casey was the best one to install it. Once I saw it installed and felt it, I could immediately see that it was a better quality fence than any other I’ve seen. I also appreciated that Casey gave me an option for the fence height that I didn’t know about, and I ended up going with that one, and I love it. On top of having a great product and service, their pricing was very competitive with the other companies that quoted my job. Highly recommended.” – Danny Padron

We had an existing fence we wanted to modify and add to, and they did a wonderful job making our back yard more functional and safe! The new gate is fantastic, and everything looks great. I really appreciate the way Casey and his partner took the time necessary to get it all done right, and how they worked with me to make a plan that suited all our family’s needs. – Nikki Drake

“I am the happiest customer ever!!! This company has been amazing to me since day one from the customer service care all the way through the installation of my custom pool fence. I had an excellent experience, especially with the owner Eric who payed very special attention to my crazy requests. I never had to tell him twice to do anything. He is a true professional and a master of his trade!! I will refer him to all of my family, clients in my salon and all my friends because he is that good! I can’t wait to work with him again. Very very very happy client!” – Gina Uzan

“Completely satisfied with my experience, from the start on the phone with them to the end was amazing, first they measured my pool from a satellite view and gave me a quote with all the different options photos everything, very reasonably priced and you really get quality. Christian came out and installed my pool fence, also very nice, experienced and up front he explained what was gonna be done and made me understand everything that was going on, he worked by himself but worked really quick for one guy and the job was done right zero issues, highly recommend these people!” – Dillon R.

“I cannot recommend this company enough. Everyone is always in search of great customer service, right? My husband and I were referred to Casey and his team. Casey spent extensive time on the phone with me going over every pool fence option and answered all my questions. He was always one text away and I never had to wait for a response. What sets Casey and his team apart from others is the level of customer service you receive. If anything didn’t go perfectly, Casey went above and beyond to handle it. When you are installing a product that is lifesaving, it’s nice to know you can have some lifesaving customer service! Thank you!” – Kyley B

“Life Safer Pool Fence recently installed a baby pool fence in my pool.I am 100% satisfied with their professional work and the overall quality of the materials.Bill was very professional and courteous and he explained all the details and characteristics before placing order.I had an issue with the door gate and they offered a tremendous post sales assistance and fixed it.I highly reccomend this company.” – Max D

“I highly recommend this company. They did a great job installing a pool fence in my house. I year later, I had a minor problem with the fence and they come by quickly and fixed it! They are professional, friendly and honest. Thank you Bill for great service and for keeping my baby safe.” – Ania H.

“Life Saver pool fence is truly a life saver, the piece of mind it brings by protecting the young ones is a blessing. We recently had it installed, Bill Miyares and his team are excellent, the fence is professionally built, strong and pleasantly looking. Strongly recommend the installation of a LifeSaver pool fence.” – Lorenzo M.

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