Installing a child safety door chime is one of the best ways to protect your family. It can absolutely help to warn parents of a potential drowning hazard.

For example, take the recent case of five-year-old Ismaine Ahamat Assil from Jacksonville, Florida. Ismaine drowned in his apartment complex’s pool. According to a report, his mother was multitasking. She was preparing dinner while also giving Ismaine’s youngest sister a bath. During this harried time Ismaine and other children decided to leave the apartment without permission. The kids managed to reach the swimming pool before their mother even realized they were gone.

Reportedly, the apartment complex’s maintenance workers heard noises inside the pool’s locked gates. After jumping the fence, they discovered the children in a state of panic. Ismaine had drowned in the pool. The workers attempted CPR on the boy, but he was unresponsive. After rushing him to a hospital, the five-year-old was pronounced dead.

Sadly, this could have happened to any parent. Ismaine’s mother was simply cooking dinner for her family. After a child reaches a certain age, we trust that they are able to wander the house without constant supervision. Unfortunately, in Ismaine’s case this reality cost him his life.

How Can a Tragedy Like This Be Prevented?

There are many child safety products that could have prevented Ismaine’s drowning. Life Saver Pool Fence suggests a child safety door chime. This type of door chime will automatically alert you when a door in your home has been opened. In Ismaine’s case, once he left the apartment, his mother would have been alerted. With luck, she could have reached him before he ever reached the pool.

Any home with children that also has access to a nearby body of water would be wise to install a door chime. In fact, these chimes are helpful even if you don’t have access to a pool. Quite simply, door chimes are a simple and inexpensive way for parents to know if their child leaves the house.

A Child Safety Door Chime is Different

The best chime on the market will alarm you until it has been deactivated, much like a home security alarm. There is a difference between child safety chimes and regular door chimes, and Life Saver Pool Fence has put together a list of child safety chimes that it considers the best on the market. You can find these at most major retailers. The descriptions have been supplied.

Life Saver Pool Fence Approved Door Chimes

Please note: This list is not in any particular order of best to worst. Look into the alarms and find the one that works best for your home & family.

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm


Retailer product description:

  • Sounds alarm when door or window opens, helps deter intruder and alert residence.
  • Includes two 120-decibel window/door alarms, each with three adjustable settings off/ chime/alarm.
  • Easy and convenient to install, requires no wiring. All mounting hardware included, for indoor use only.
  • Low battery test button to easily check battery life, includes 1 Lr44 battery for each


51guEqj28TL. SL1000

  • Security Alarm: door/window contact sensor will detect every entry and send an alarm warning to the receiver to better protect your place.
  • You will hear the doorbell chime to remind you when someone is opening your door.


SABRE Door / Window Alarm HS-DWA


Retailer product description:

  • Attention Grabbing! Extremely loud120 dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruder and possibly notifies neighbors (audible up to 750 feet/230M away)
  • USER-FRIENDLY – 3 adjustable settings (off/alarm/chime); chime mode is ideal to alert you when children or guests are coming and going when you are at home.

Fosmon WaveLink 51007HOM Wireless Door Open Chime

71MISE54OHL. SL1500

Retailer product description:

  • 52 unique ringtones and chimes allow your wireless door and window entry alert system to meet any need.
  • WaveLink wireless door chime offers a generous detection area of nearly 400feet. Big enough for to cover every window and door in your house. Expand the system by pairing up to 10 receivers to one door sensor, or 10 door sensors to one receiver.
  • The Fosmon WaveLink wireless door chime and its components come with a limited lifetime warranty

No Matter Which Door Chime You Choose, Choose Wisely

There are hundreds of child safety door alarms and chimes on the market. If none of these door alarms and chimes interested you, please do not let that deter you. Simply google “child safety door alarm” and search the market or go to your nearest appliance/home store. If you have decided to invest in a door alarm/chime, Life Saver Pool Fence would like to thank you for taking that extra step in protecting your children and potentially preventing a deadly drowning!