Life Saver A.I. Powered Pool Safety Camera— Make Your Pool Safer 24/7

A new layer of protection is here. Gain peace of mind with our cutting-edge smart pool safety technology trusted by top pool companies and installers.  

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If you have a pool, you need a pool fence. And if you already have a pool fence, then the Life Saver AI Pool Safety Camera is an excellent addition. Knowing children and pets are safer will give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy your pool.

  • Discover the power of 24/7 live pool monitoring.
  • Use the accompanying app to monitor your pool from the palm of your hand.
  • Benefit from distress alarms — plus, person and pet detection.
  • Simple, 3-Step Installation is a breeze.
  • Gain valuable pool health usage insights.
Make your backyard pool area safer for children and pets with the Life Saver Camera, a cutting-edge pool safety camera solution. This ingenious device introduces a SMART, artificial intelligence (AI) powered addition to your pool safety program. Serving as an “extra set of eyes,” this layer of protection detects potential drowning incidents in real-time and alarms you immediately, significantly improving response time. By identifying specific actions like swimming, falling, and even struggling in the water, it quickly detects much more than simple motion and notifies you.

Product Features

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CamerEye Al and Smart Hub in One

Visual intelligence for safety and enhanced maintenance of the pool. Powerful edge computing held within the camera for when seconds matter

Best in Class App

Live viewing, safety notifications, and pool data in the palm of your hand

Indoor Wi-Fi Siren Alarm

Rated above 95 dB for distinct and urgent audible warnings

Door/Window Sensor

Added level of protection at key entry points for immediate notifications when triggered

Pool Health and Usage

Tracks pool health from continuous color observation, debris/dirt detection, cleaning and frequency of use.

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The 8th Layer of Pool Safety Protection is Here, from Life Saver

Think of the Life Saver Camera as your 8th Layer of Protection that combines multiple safety measures to create a robust shield around your pool. Our installer mounts the camera in a suitable location ensuring it covers the pool area without blind spots and avoids pointing directly at the sun.Help prevent drowning with this new layer of protection. To get started, simply give us a call for a FREE estimate. A Life Saver pool safety expert will assess your needs, provide specifications, and outline the full installation pricing. Invest in safety – invest in peace of mind.

Questions about how a Life Saver Camera by CamerEye can help improve pool safety at your home or facility? Give us a call.

Key Benefits of Life Saver Pool Safety Cameras from CamerEye

Smarter Inspection Compliance

  • Meets ASTM F2208 pool alarm code standards, offering a smarter alternative to traditional alarm systems.

Smarter Water Safety

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Advanced AI technology detects humans, pets, and potential drowning incidents.
  • Real-time alerts and immediate alarm activation for swimming distress situations, ensuring fast action.

Rapid Distress and Drowning Detection

  • Innovative AI algorithms identify potential drowning risks in seconds, allowing faster response times.

Easier and Smarter Pool Maintenance and Care918

  • Gain valuable insights into your pool’s health and usage patterns.
  • Receive real-time updates on pool usage data and the status of pool readiness. (Available with a ⦁ MAX subscription.

Life Saver’s AI Pool Camera vs. Traditional Motion Sensors and Cameras

Traditional motion sensor cameras and outdated pool alarms offer limited protection, often triggered by wind, leaves, or other environmental factors. They lack the intelligence and accuracy to distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms.

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Receive Faster, More Precise Response

Immediate Drowning Detection: The AI algorithms identify drowning risks within seconds, triggering immediate alarms and notifications. This allows for timely intervention and potentially saves lives.

Smarter Alerts: You receive relevant alerts only for human presence, potential drowning incidents, and other crucial events. This eliminates the noise of unnecessary alerts and allows you to focus on what matters most.

Real-time Response: The AI Life Saver Camera provides live video feed and two-way audio communication, enabling immediate assessment and response to any situation at the pool.

Provides Real-Time Detection and Recognition

AI Visual Intelligence: The AI Life Saver Camera analyzes the entire scene, recognizing humans, pets, and objects in real-time with excellent accuracy. This eliminates false alarms caused by environmental factors.

Detailed Activity Recognition: It goes beyond simple motion detection, identifying specific actions like swimming, falling, and even struggling in the water.

24/7 Monitoring: Unlike motion sensor cameras that only activate upon movement, the Life Saver Pool Camera System provides continuous coverage, ensuring constant vigilance.

Enhances Peace Of Mind

Reduced Anxiety: With the AI Life Saver Camera, you can rest assured that your pool is protected 24/7, significantly reducing stress and anxiety related to pool safety.

Proactive Protection: The AI-powered system actively detects and alerts you to potential risks, allowing you to take preventative measures and keep your pool a safe haven for everyone.

Greater Parental Control: Gain detailed insights into pool usage and ensure children are safe while enjoying the pool.

A Clear Choice for Enhanced Pool Safety: The AI Life Saver Camera utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled pool safety and peace of mind. Compared to traditional motion sensor cameras and pool alarms, it offers a significant upgrade in detection accuracy, response time, and overall pool protection.

Ongoing Services – Monitoring & Notification Services

You can then choose to subscribe to CamerEye’s MAX monitoring plan for additional monitoring and notification options. We can discuss that with you or refer you for more information.

Other Pool Safety Measures to Take

A pool camera is only one component of your multiple layers of protection. To be sure children and pets do not get into the pool, install a mesh pool fence with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate.
Additionally, we recommend implementing other layers of protection to prevent pool drowning accidents such as giving early swim instruction to young children, constant supervision, and CPR training.

Meets Pool Alarm Code Requirements

“It is the first AI system to meet compliance thanks to the guidance of the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). It’s also the FIRST AI system that meets both UL 2017 and ASTM F2208 Type A, B and C pool alarm code requirements and replaces traditional alarms.” [source: camereye(dot)ai]

Invest in the future of pool safety with the AI Life Saver Camera!

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