No Holes Pool Fence

No Drilling in the Ground

The removable pool safety fence that has been tried and tested for the last 40 years is installed by drilling a discreet 1 1/8” hole that is covered by a cap that matches the deck color when the fence is not in use.

No holes pool fence is the name given to a new style of pool fence that does not require drilling holes into the pool deck. Even though the no holes pool fence does not meet building codes, some people find the idea of not drilling into the deck appealing, especially those who are renting or have a particular situation that makes drilling difficult.

The big advantage of the no holes fence is in the name. It does not require drilling any holes. Besides this, the fence itself is the same construction as the standard pool fence the company offers. The current no holes pool fence available on the market works by using 5” tall by 15” wide by 36” long plastic bases that are filled with water. Each base weighs 65 pounds when filled. The pool fence poles are then inserted into holes in the plastic bases. Because the bases are heavy, the no holes mesh pool fence is difficult to push over. Each standard 12’ long section weighs approximately 260 lbs.

No Holes Pool Fence

Why A No Holes Pool Fence May Not Be The Best Option

However, getting a pool fence without drilling holes comes with a number of disadvantages.


Because the bases are so bulky, if you choose to remove the pool fence to entertain or otherwise, a key feature of a removable pool safety fence, storing the entire system is very difficult. It will take up substantial storage space wherever you put it.


The temporary no holes pool fence is very expensive – more than 4 times the cost of a standard do-it-yourself pool fence. A typical 120’ no holes pool fence costs over $4,000 with shipping included. You can get the same fence on Pool Fence DIY for under $1,000. With that savings, when you are done with the pool fence, if the holes really bother you, even with the caps, you could get an entire new pool deck. The no holes pool fence price is even more than double the cost of a professionally installed pool fence, put in by a trained and authorized installer. That is a very large investment.

Warranty Is Not Lifetime

Most traditional pool fences come with a lifetime warranty. You would expect that the most expensive pool fence would be the same. However, the warranty on the currently available no holes pool fence is only 6 years. If you have more than one child, the no holes pool fence may not last as long as you need it. Life Saver Pool Fences have been used by multiple generations of parents.

No Gate

The portable no holes pool fence does not have a gate of any kind. Most pool fences include a self-closing, self-latching gate, which is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, along with every other water safety expert and drowning prevention organization. The no holes pool fence does not have a self-closing gate. The only way to get through the no holes fence to access the pool is by partially disassembling and removing the fence, which is cumbersome.

Difficult to Remove

The makers of the no holes pool fence tell us that the no holes fence is much more difficult to take up and down than a traditional pool fence. Each of the water-filled bases weighs 65 pounds, so they have to be emptied before you move them (and the water inside is probably gross – more on that in a bit). Besides emptying the water, the fence has to be removed from the bases, and then both the fence and the bases have to be lugged to wherever you are storing them.

Yucky Water

The no holes pool fence requires that the plastic bases be filled with water from your typical garden hose. Over time, the water in the black plastic containers becomes putrid, growing mold, fungus, and who knows what. It’s definitely unsafe and should be kept away from children. When you empty the bases to remove the fence, you have to be careful that the water doesn’t go into your pool or come in contact with any landscaping or vegetation, not to mention any children or pets. Given that each base contains about 8 gallons of water, your standard 120’ fence, with 50 bases, will contain about 400 gallons of this really gross water that you have to dispose of… somewhere.

Bases Prone to Leaking

Several customers have reported that the plastic bases of the no holes mesh pool fence are prone to leaking. Given the toxic nature of the water in the bases, this is concerning, especially in homes with pets or small children.

Custom Layouts

One of the great things about traditional pool fences is their flexibility. They can go up hills, up stairs, climb waterfalls, go around diving boards, and more. The no holes pool fence does not have the same flexibility. Because of the way it’s designed, it isn’t capable of going up stairs or steep hills.

Building Codes and Standards

The makers of the no holes pool fence report that the no holes fence does not meet local building codes or national standards for mesh pool safety fencing. If you require your pool fence to meet code, this will not work for you.

There are good reasons why a no holes pool fence might be right for you, and any pool fence is better than not having anything at all. However, it is important to weigh all of the pros and cons before making your choice. If you are interested in discussing your pool fence options with an expert, give us a call at 1-877-976- 8055.

The Save a Life Program

The Save a Life Program

It’s our goal to protect every pool on Earth. When you purchase a Life Saver Pool Fence to protect your pool and your family, you will help us give a free fence to the family of a fatal or non-fatal drowning victim. Your Life Saver Pool Fence may not just save your children and your neighbor’s children, but you may save the life of a child in need that you have never even met.

After we install the donated pool fence, we will send you information about the family you helped, complete with photos, and we encourage you to contact them. Unless you request otherwise, they will know you are the one that made their gift possible and whose generosity to thank. There is no greater gift to give than a saved life, and when you buy a Life Saver Pool Fence, you give just that.

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