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Life Saver Pool Fence of Northern Maryland serves homes throughout the Northern, Eastern, and Western Maryland as well as West Virginia areas.

Swimming pools in the state of Virginia must adhere to state regulations regarding pool fence barriers. Virginia law mandates that a pool must be completely surrounded by a barrier that must be capable of being securely fastened at a height of not less than four feet above ground level. Additionally, it is unlawful for any gate to be allowed to remain unfastened while the pool is not in use; and that such fence shall be constructed so as to come within two inches of the ground at the bottom and shall be at least five feet from the edge of the pool at any point.

Additionally, pools in Maryland must be enclosed by a barrier that completely surrounds the swimming pool and prevent individuals from entering the swimming pool or pool enclosure area. The fence must be at least 48” in height and not have any gaps or openings between the rails or railings of the fence, wall, building wall or other approved barrier greater than 4”. Access gates must be self-closing, self-latching and equipped with a locking device.

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