Why Choose Life Saver Pool Fence Oklahoma City?

Life Saver has installed pool fences into thousands of homes in Oklahoma City. A professionally installed pool fencing has been proven to help prevent accidental drownings. Life Saver Pool Fence Oklahoma City is a “pool safety first” company. In addition to installing pool safety fences, we also educate homeowners the importance of adding multiple layers of protection and most especially the importance of adult supervision to help prevent pool drownings.

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Oklahoma enjoys a hot weather season – an average high above 75 degrees – from May right to the end of October. In other words, it can be hot for a long time in Oklahoma and its residents need a way to cool off. Being landlocked, a pool can be a respite for the residents of Oklahoma. When it is hot, everyone needs to escape the heat.

Owning a pool is a large responsibility though. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately one in five people who die from drownings are children under the age of 14. Drowning is a real problem that must be dealt with and not ignored. Don’t put your family at unnecessary risk by not having a fence installed.

Pool safety is one of the most important things to consider as a homeowner if you have a pool in your backyard. If you are a parent or grandparents of little ones, you need to be aware of the dangers your pool poses to your family if it is unprotected by a pool safety barrier. Many homeowners are not aware, but the dangers of accidental drownings actually exceed those of having a loaded gun in the home.

One of the best measures a resident with a pool in Oklahoma can take is to install a pool fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Oklahoma.

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Why Should You Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

In the state of Oklahoma, pool owners must install a pool fence of a height of 48 inches. Additionally, you could install a pool alarm and pool safety covers to tighten your security measures. The gates of the fence should also be secure with self-latching provisions. Life Saver Pool Fence of Oklahoma provides the highest-quality mesh pool fencing and installation in the Oklahoma area for over 30 years.

When installing a pool fence, you must ensure that:

  • All pool access points have been blocked
  • Your pool is still visible
  • The pool looks aesthetically appealing
  • Can be easily removed and installed by you
  • The company provides a genuine 100-year warranty
  • Responsive company service
  • In response to the Covid-19 situation, the company follows all CDC guidelines

We, at Life Saver Pool Fence of Oklahoma, are committed to providing top-quality pool safety fences in the market. The removable mesh pool fence adheres to all quality and security standards. The transparent mesh secures the pool area of your home without disrupting the pool view. We provide a 100-year warranty on all our products and installation services. In addition to the pool fencing, we also offer pool accessories like pool alarms, safety gates and locks, solar pool lights, and so on.

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How Will the Pool Accessories Increase the Pool’s Security Measures?

A pool safety gate should consist of sturdy materials and contain self-closing latches so that the door is not left open unattended. This is to ensure that your child’s/pet’s access to the pool is cut-off.

Apart from reliable pool fence installation services in Oklahoma, our technicians will guide you with the correct placements of the accessories. For example, our professional expert will suggest a suitable height for placing gate locks so that they are out of your child’s reach.

A pool alarm will alert the family if there is any activity or disturbance in the pool area. You can thereby act immediately. There are also solar lights that can be installed on the pool fence to illuminate the pool at night.

We conform to the shape (straight lines or curves) and custom requirements of your pool area. This will include the height, color, and size of the fence.

Once you reach out to us, our team members will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. We then take steps to prepare a customized mesh pool fence. And the actual pool fence installation in Oklahoma takes less than a day. This hassle-free installation is a big step towards making your family more secure.

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Areas We Serve

Life Saver Pool Fence Oklahoma installs pool fencing throughout Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Choctaw, Yukon, Mustang, Midwest City, Enid, Moore, Piedmont, Guthrie, Harrah, Luther, Jones, Newcastle, Tulsa, Tuttle, Chickasha, Blanchard, Del City, El Reno, Weatherford, Clinton, and Elk City. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

The state of Oklahoma has a population of nearly 4 million people and is home to many houses with backyard pools. According to The Children’s Safety Network’s fact sheet, drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4.

The State of Oklahoma requires that pools must be enclosed with a barrier that prevents unauthorized entry, allows visual observation of the pool. The barrier must be at least 4 feet tall, use self-closing, self-latching gates and not have any openings greater than 4 inches.

Key Landmarks in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a large state that is located in the midwest; it is home to nearly four million residents.  Some landmarks and points of interest include the City of TulsaPaseo Arts District, the professional basketball team Oklahoma City Thunder, and Turner Falls

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