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Keeping little feet on solid ground—that’s always been our goal. And Life Saver’s ultra-tough, ultra-durable removable pool fence will afford you great comfort in knowing that your children will remain happy and safe in your home.

  Life Saver Pool Fence is built in the United States to exceed the highest construction standards, and in addition to getting the highest level of safety of any pool fencing on the market, our mesh pool fence is easily removable by an adult.

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Unique life saving features of Our Mesh Pool Fences. Quality construction.
And a 100-year warranty.

The heart of a pool safety fence is its mesh. That’s why Life Saver Pool Fence uses only the strongest, most transparent mesh material available. With a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch, it’s nearly indestructible.

Our triple-reinforced pool fence poles are the strongest in the industry and exceed all local safety requirements.

While a local distributor can walk you through the variety of color and configuration options, every Life Saver Pool Fence features our superior construction materials and patented safety systems.

  • Textilene® mesh provides a lifetime of use in all weather conditions with a strength rating of 387 lbs per square inch.
  • QuadStitch bordering, created with the strongest marine thread, reinforces essential sections of the fence.
  • Triple-Reinforced Solid Poles exceed all local safety requirements
  • Self-Closing, Self-Latching gate options provide added security
  • Tension-based supports provide superior stability
  • Countersunk fasteners with seamless edges mean there are no sharp edges
  • UV Resistant components provide protection from sun damage
  • Our mesh pool fences are available in black, brown, green, white, and tan colors using state of the art powder coating. You can rest assured that your pool fencing will always be protecting your pool, and will look great.

    Every removable mesh pool safety fence is completely guaranteed by our 100-Year Warranty. Request your FREE pool safety evaluation now! Call 1-800-282-3836 or contact us online here.

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    Proven to save lives

    Removable Pool Safety Fence

    Removable pool safety fence has proven, over the past thirty years, to be the most practical and effective barrier against pool drowning short of putting up a permanent rail fence.

    The concept is simple. Isolate the pool from your home and eliminate all access to the water by a toddler. For the pool to be truly isolated and the barriers serve effectively, there must not be a reason to enter the swimming pool area other than to use or service the pool itself. That means not having to open the pool fencing to go out a screen enclosure door or into your backyard. These areas should be accessible to you without opening the safety fence. The more times a fence is opened, for a reason other than to use the pool, the greater the possibility that it will be left open for whatever reason.

    Life Saver’s removable mesh pool fence is constructed of see through, polyester mesh mounted on aluminum support poles. The portable pool fence is placed into aluminum or plastic sleeves installed into your deck surface. The bottom border of the fence material should be flush to your deck so as to prevent a child from pushing under. The basic principle that keeps the temporary pool fence in place is bilateral tension and the fence should be checked periodically to ensure that you have the benefit of its full function.

    A standard fence is removable in approximately fifteen-foot sections. Each section can easily be rolled up and weighs only sixteen pounds. The average one-hundred-foot fence can be removed in less than fifteen minutes and be put back up in approximately the same amount of time. Most fences, however, are never taken down until children in the home are old enough not to require this safe guard any longer.

    100-Year Warranty. Guaranteed.

    With both a 100-year warranty on every part of the fence and factory-direct customer support, you can enjoy the Life Saver Pool Fence with the utmost confidence. No legitimate warranty claim has ever been denied. In the unlikely event that you have any problem for as long as you own your pool fence, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

    Of course, the durable Quad Stitch bordering, UV Resistant components, and non-corrosive latching systems mean you probably won’t ever need to call. But we’re here to help if you do. And since we’ve been in business for over 30 years, you can be assured that we’ll be around to help you years down the road.

    Be sure your mesh pool fencing has a 100-Year Warranty.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Having a party with young children present?

    Think twice about removing the fence. Family gatherings and social affairs contribute to distraction and drowning accidents involving young children. So that the removable child barrier to the pool does not have to be removed for day to day use of the pool, a “gate” section is provided at the steps or another convenient location. A pool “gate” is formed by two connecting sections that can be opened by an adult. Extra sleeves are placed into the deck at this point to act as pole holders when the “gate” is open.

    Why install self-closing, self-locking gates?

    Self-closing, self-latching gates are automatic and provide better protection if there are folks in the house that can’t remember to close a gate behind them. Because it does not have to be physically closed or locked by the user it is a more practical option when there are older children in the home who have unsupervised access to the swimming pool. A self-closing gate and its lock are mechanical devices located outside and subject to corrosion, wear from use, misalignment, and mechanical failure. Extra care must be taken to ensure that the gate is functioning properly. Be sure that your gate is always installed to swing out or away from the pool or water.

    How high should your pool safety fence be?

    Pool fences ranges from 3 1/2 feet to 5 feet high. For an average toddler we recommend you look at the 4-foot height. A child capable of climbing a 4-foot-high fence will most likely also be able to go over 5 feet. It’s just a longer fall down the other side. A child with this kind of capability should already be well into a swimming program.

    We talk to parents moving into a home with a pool for the first time who are nervous about a six-year-old around the pool accidentally falling in. Since a six-year-old can go over any height fence and the fence is being installed to basically keep them from just falling into the pool by accident, we would recommend a shorter height like 3 1/2 feet as long as this is the only child in the household.

    How far apart should the fence support poles be?

    Support poles provide both tension and strength for the temporary pool fencing, so the less distance apart the better. We normally recommend 36 inches as a standard.

    What mesh material is best?

    The majority of removable mesh pool fence manufacturers today use polyester mesh with vinyl coating. It is a continuous basket weave construction and is the strongest method today for manufacturing pool safety fences. The smooth vinyl coatings are mildew resistant and allow easy cleaning of the finished product, unlike the grainy finishes of older style dipped interlocking nylon products that had a tendency to trap both growths and dirt. The newer polyester meshes are also much more resistant to punctures and are virtually impossible for even an adult to rip.

    Should the mesh be bordered?

    To be a finished product, your pool fence mesh should also be bordered on all four sides with vinyl border. Not only does this provide a finished look to your fence but also prevents unraveling of the mesh itself. Check the border material to ensure that it has visible reinforcing built into the vinyl to provide additional strength to the fence and eliminate sagging over time.

    Remember, the temporary fence for your pool should block off all access from the home to the pool. Half way measures here are like playing “Russian Roulette”. The only time the fence should be opened is when you are using the pool. Children learn quickly to operate door locks and open doors that have not been locked. The removable mesh fence around your pool should be your last layer of protection.

    Do not forget your “fail safe” minimum of six layers of protection against drowning. Adult supervision, locked doors, perimeter door alarms, the best removable pool fence, pool alarms, and swimming lessons; all six must fail before your child can drown in your pool.

    How much does a removable pool fence cost?

    Removable pool fence cost is based on multiple factors which include the fence’s height, color, brand, installation details and even local markets. In general, though, mesh pool fences cost between $17-$35 per linear foot. For example, if you needed 100ft of pool fence, you could expect to pay somewhere between $1,700 – $3,500 based on these estimates. Custom configurations and certain deck types can increase your cost per foot an additional $1-$15 per linear foot.

    Your local Life Saver installer will measure how many linear feet you need around your pool and give you a pool fence estimate at no cost. Additional options, like a self-closing, self-latching gate, might be recommended for your specific application, and those options can change the cost. In addition, if you need custom work for stairs, grass, etc., that can have an impact on the cost of your fence as well.

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