Pool Fence Costs

Pool fence cost is based on multiple factors including the fence’s height, color, brand, installation details and even local markets (each factor is described below). In general, though, mesh pool fences cost between $15-$20 per linear foot. For example, if you needed 100ft of pool fence, you could expect to pay somewhere between $1500 – $2,000 based on these estimates.

Your local Life Saver installer will measure how many linear feet you need around your pool and give you a pool fence estimate at no cost. Additional options, like a self-closing, self-latching gate, might be recommended for your specific application, and those options can change the cost. In addition, if you need custom work for stairs, grass, etc., that can have an impact on the cost of your fence as well.

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Available In A Variety Of Heights, Colors, And Models

Mesh pool safety fence comes in a variety of heights, colors, and models. Life Savers around the country generally offer three different brands of pool fence: PoolFenceDIY, Pool Corral, and our premium product, Life Saver Pool Fence. When you purchase a Life Saver Pool Fence, you truly get something custom tailored specifically to your home and family.


Life Saver Pool Fence comes in three different heights: 42”, 48”, and 60”. Besides the typical heights, we also offer custom heights for various applications, including fences for dogs and other pets. 48” is the most popular, and your pricing typically revolves around that height.


Black, brown, white, tan, green, and copper vein are all powder-coating options for your pool fence. Black is the standard color. Some Life Savers will request a small surcharge for colors other than black, especially the copper vein which is custom-ordered.


Our Pool Corral brand is our competitor grade pool safety fence. It is the most similar to other removable pool fences on the market, utilizing a quad-x pole, Textiline mesh, and a two-stitch border. Available only in black or brown, this fence has been proven over 30 years of manufacturing and is a great economical option. Combined with a self-closing gate, it is as safe and secure as any fence on the market. This is the model to compare pricing with when comparing to other competing brands. It should cost roughly the same.

PoolfenceDIY utilizes a half inch stainless steel pin and can be installed with a hammer drill, as opposed to a core drill, by a home owner or a local Life Saver. If it is self-installed, PoolfenceDIY is even more economical than Pool Corral. PoolfenceDIY comes in black or brown, with the brown costing a bit more than black.

Life Saver Pool Fence is a premium mesh pool safety fence exclusively offered by authorized Life Saver dealers featuring a three-layer solid pole construction that has been tested to withstand over 100lbs of force, making it by far the strongest pole available.

The Life Saver Pool Fence also comes with the highest quality latching system in the nickel-plated brass snap safety latch. Also, the Life Saver Pool Fence has four stitches in the border, a life-time warranty, and heavy duty Textiline mesh. It comes in every color combination available, in all three heights, and every time a Life Saver Pool Fence is purchased, pool fencing is set aside to be donated to the family of a fatal or non-fatal drowning victim through our Save a Life Program. More than $50,000 a year worth of mesh pool safety fencing is donated through this program. Life Saver Pool Fence, as the most premium product on the market, tends to cost more than other pool safety fences, but also comes with features unavailable anywhere else.

Which Pool Fence Should I Buy?

Your local Life Saver will help you decide which brand of pool fence is best for your family. Certain considerations, like how many children you have, their age, the size of your pool, your budget, and so on will help you and your Life Saver figure out which solution is best for you.

Your local Life Saver is your expert when it comes to pool safety and mesh pool safety fencing. They will show you samples of the different pool fence types, explain the price of those pool fences, and help you determine which option will serve your family best for years and generations to come. Pool fence cost is a factor for everyone considering a pool safety fence and given the number of years you will enjoy this investment, it makes sense to consider all of your options.

At the very least, make sure your pool fencing has these features:

  • Specifications that meet the ASTM standard
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Support from a national brand with longevity
  • Installation by trained and authorized staff
  • Licensed and insured dealers
  • Good reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Cuts that are re-bordered upon completion
  • UV protection in all plastic parts
  • A positive reputation in the water safety community

Fill out the form on this page to be contacted by your local Life Saver Pool Safety Specialist. They will be in touch with you right away. Often times, they can give you a rough estimate on the price of your pool fence after asking a few questions right over the phone. It is always best, though, to receive an absolutely free, no obligation in-home consultation. Not only will they explain to you all of the features and benefits of your Life Saver Pool Fence and provide you with a more accurate price quote, but they will also take the time to evaluate your pool area and help you choose the best pool safety solutions for your family and your lifestyle.

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