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What are the Missouri state laws behind safety pool fences?

According to Missouri state pool regulations, every residential pool must be surrounded by a St Louis Pool Fence. Moreover, the St Louis Pool Fence should be at least 4 feet or taller thereby making it impossible for children to climb over them. Moreover, the pool gate should be self-latching and self-closing and should move away from the pool and not towards it.

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Why Choose the Life Saver Pool Fence?

Life Saver Pool Fence is one of the leading companies serving several residents within a 30-mile radius of St. Louis, MO. We offer a wide range of customized solutions for your outdoor pool area, thereby creating a safe environment for your loved ones. Every St. Louis Pool Fence that we install abides by the state laws and regulations with a self-closing and self-latching door with its height being a minimum of 4 feet.

Our team comprises of highly trained and experienced pool experts who can complete the job in any given situation and are regularly upgraded with the latest installation techniques and practices. Every fencing job that we undertake is equipped with a strong mesh pool fence that is made of high-quality and durable mesh which can withstand extreme weather conditions with ease.

Moreover, the mesh can be taken down, rolled, and stored compactly when not in use. A mesh pool fence is your best bet to keep your children safe. It is transparent which helps an adult to gain a proper view of the pool area and ensure that the children and toddlers playing in it are safe at all times.

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Life Saver Pool Fence undertakes any kind of fencing job without a hitch. After having serviced several St Louis homes in the 30-mile radius, we are ready to take on your premises. Our local installers can complete any kind of pool fence and barrier installation within a few hours thereby making the pool a safe area to use.

When you get in touch with us, our expert installers visit your home to offer the best fencing options under your budget and standard. Contact us for a free estimate and inspection today. Let us make the pool area a safe and happy place for your children and pets.

Pool Fence Installations in Missouri

Owning a pool is a great luxury and source of enjoyment for many families and homeowners.  In a state as warm as Missouri, owning a pool is less a luxury than it is a necessity – the summers here can be hot! Owning a pool is also a great way to socialize, have friends over, and organize play dates for your children. Swimming is a great recreational activity, in one turn it can both increase their self-esteem, give them friends, and provide them with great physical exercise.  Though the benefits to owning a pool are numerous, each pool owner needs to beware the unique responsibility of owning a pool.

The CDC reports that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children who are aged 1-4.  Pool safety needs to be a top concern for any pool owners.  Accidents happen all of the time.  Each pool owner needs to be well-versed in pool safety, CPR, their state’s laws, and the pool owner also needs to have the right safety equipment, like life preservers and pool alarms.  One of the most important steps a pool owner can take to prevent his or her friends, loved ones, and pets from pool injury or drowning is by installing a Life Saver Pool Fence. A Life Saver Pool Fence will protect against the dangers of an unsupervised pool.

As a pool owner in the state of Missouri, there are certain guidelines that your pool fence must comply with:

  • All pools of a depth more than two feet must erect an enclosure around the pool of at least six feet in height.
  • The fence must be constructed so as to prevent any footholds or climbing points for young children.
  • Any openings in the fence must not exceed four inches.

Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence

For decades, families and homeowners have trusted Life Saver Pool Fence to provide them with effective and reliable pool fences and installations. We take safety as a priority. And not only do we have the experience, we also have the best materials and products to offer you. Our fences are made from the highest quality materials.

Each pool fence has a border and stitch, which helps support the mesh and keep it attached to the metal pole. The marine stitch is designed for outdoor equipment, like patio furniture.  The stitch is best for the windy elements and harsh weather conditions.

We also use some of the strongest, most durable pool fences available. Our pool fence, the Life Saver Premium Pool Fence with high-performance solid pole is reinforced with not one or two, but three layers of metal, which provide it with extreme durability and strength.  The pole can withstand high winds and unforgiving elements.  It is also three times stronger than the average, industry standard pole.

Our pool fences are held together by our reliable and trustworthy Textilene Mesh.  The mesh is made out of the durable material nylon, and is woven such that it has tremendous tensile strength.  Our mesh is strong, yet it can bend and be flexible.  With the high winds of St. Louis, you want a mesh fencing that can bend and not break.

Life Saver Pool Fence can also offer you other accessories to go along with your pool fence:

  • A Pool Fence Solar Light
  • An Omni-Hanger, which is great for wet towels or life preservers
  • Our Pool Fence can also come in a variety of colors that you can customize

In addition, Life Saver Pool Fence can also install gates for your pool.  The pool gate is the most used part of the pool, and you want to make sure that yours is ready to stand the test of time and heavy use.  We can offer you either the Arched Gate or the Double Truss Square Stock.  In terms of reliability and longevity, both gates are equal.  However, the arched gate requires an additional cost and might be a bit more aesthetically appealing.

To hold the gate together, you’ll need a latch or a lock system.  And once again, Life Saver Pool Fence can provide you with some options.  You can choose from either the Perma-Lock or the Safety Snap Latch.  Regarding strength and durability, the lock and latch are equal: they are both made from stainless steel, which will hold up against the corroding forces of nature.  The major difference between the two locks and latches is that the Perma-Lock requires a small tool to open it, while the Safety Snap Latch simply latches into place.  If you need help deciding between the two locks and latches, our trained technicians can help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Life Saver Pool Fence understands that you want both a safe fence and a stylish fence.  You do not want the fence to obstruct any view of your pool or backyard.  So, we give you some choice here: you can customize the style and colors of your fence.  Our mesh fencing is transparent, so you will still be able to see your pool and yard.  Also, you might want to stow away your pool fence for the winter and fall season.  Our pool fences can easily be picked up, rolled up, and stowed away for the cold weather.  However, if you would like to keep them up year-round, our fences are strong enough to brave any and all-weather conditions.  If for some reason your pool fence starts to deteriorate, please let us know – our fences are backed by a 100-year warranty!

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About St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri, home to roughly 300,000 residents.  St. Louis is a culturally rich and diverse city, with many points of interest and attraction.  One of America’s most famous pieces of architecture resides here in St. Louis: the Gateway Arch.  The Arch is over 600 feet tall and it is the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere; it is a symbol of Western expansion and a monument to the American People.  St Louis is also home to entrepreneur Jack Dorsey and the father of Rock & Roll, Chuck Berry.

Pool Safety and Swimming Resources for St. Louis, MO Residents

Being aware and educated about pool safety is essential.  Please share this information with whoever will be swimming in your pool.

Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is one of the best things you can do to make your pool a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable place to be.

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