Rain or shine, snow or sun… it is so important that the floor around our pool area is dry. Falling and slipping by the pool is a very real hazard that every pool owner needs to contend with. In today’s blog, let’s explore some key safety areas to focus on.

Clean Up to Stop Slipping by the Pool

Slipping by the pool can have catastrophic results. For one, you can fall into the water and drown. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 people die by drowning every hour of every day across the globe. Many of these drownings have occurred when someone accidentally fell into the water.

A major way to help avoid this kind of a catastrophe is by cleaning the tiles and flooring around your pool. Take the tiles along the sides of a pool for example: when not properly cleaned, these tiles can develop a slick film composed of algae or other debris. In the event that someone steps on them with bare feet, they can be quite slick. In other cases, your deck may be wet with liquid. All in all, it pays to keep the pool area clean. The best and cheapest form of defense is to keep the area near the pool as dry as possible. This will help to keep the surface area secure.

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Put Your Shoes On

When it comes to slipping by the pool, wearing the right footwear can make all the difference in the world. By choosing to wear specially designed swim shoes with textured bottoms, you can avoid any unexpected drowning hazards. Even better, purchase specifically designed water shoes. These will offer maximum grip and safety for any rambunctious swimmers.

Water Shoes and Safety

Obey the Rules

No matter what, all swimmers should make an effort to be as safe as possible. The water can be extremely dangerous. That goes double for kids and adults who are reckless. Remember not to run near the pool, and to only swim in specifically designated areas. You should never try to swim in a public pool unless a lifeguard is present.

Change Your Deck 

When it comes to your deck, materials are important. A non-slip coating can help to eliminate the possibility of someone slipping by the pool. If you’re installing a new deck, be sure to ask your contractor about this powerful safety option.

Put in Some Pool Mats 

Finally, if you don’t want to make any permanent changes, consider adding some pool mats to your pool area. They add a textured surface to the ground or deck that help to prevent someone from slipping by the pool. Usually composed of a mesh-like material, these mats allow water to pass through them easily. For this reason, they remain dry while still providing a valuable safety function. They’re not as visually appealing as a specially designed deck, but they are affordable and can save lives.

Overall, the pool is going to become slippery when in use. Swimming is fun, but no matter what, preventing slipping by the pool should be a top priority. These options can help prevent injuries and even death. For more great safety tips, check out this article on hosting a safe pool party.