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We install pool fences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Swimming pools in Oklahoma are required to adhere to state and local regulations regarding pool fences. Pools in Tulsa must be surrounded by a barrier that Is at least 4 feet tall, uses self-closing, self-latching pool gates. It should also not have any openings greater than 4 inches.

In Tulsa, pool fence barrier requirements dictate that a pool must be surrounded by a fence or barrier at least forty-eight inches in height above the ground. It must not have an opening through which a spherical object four inches in diameter can pass. It must also have a pool safety gate with a self-latching device that must be placed at a height of 52-54″ above the surface level which meets code. The release mechanism should be located on the poolside of the gate.

Swimming Pool Safety Resources for Tulsa Residents