Hot tubs are the perfect way to indulge when you need a bit of relaxation. Be sure to take these necessary precautions to safely get out of a hot tub. In the past, we’ve discussed safety tips for hot tub use, such as preventing infection and burns, but what about once your time in the water is over? Read on to learn more.

Slippery When Wet

It may seem like common sense, but the area around a jacuzzi or swimming pool may be wet. Therefore, it may also be quite slippery. It is important that you have a towel nearby when getting out of the tub. Having a non-slip surface in the hot tub area will also make fall injuries less likely. By keeping a towel handy, feet and surfaces can be kept clean and dry.

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Use a Rail to Safely Get out of a Hot Tub

Similarly, a person can fall even if they are still in the tub. While stepping onto the edge of the seat or step as you exit, your foot can slip or stumble. To make it easier for you and your guests to safely get out of a hot tub, consider installing a handrail. This is especially helpful for the elderly, children and anyone with special needs.

Wash Off 

We had a whole blog post dedicated to the importance of showering before you swim. Similarly, it is a good idea to wash off when you get out of the water. These same rules also apply to the jacuzzi. Showering with warm water and soap immediately after your visit to the hot tub will rinse away chemicals that might be lingering on your skin.

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Proceed Slowly

The heated water from a hot tub can lower your blood pressure, which can make you feel lightheaded. To avoid this feeling, stay hydrated throughout the duration of your time in the water. In addition, don’t drink alcohol, which will add to the potential dizziness you may experience when you stand. Being clear-headed will help you to safely get out of a hot tub.

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Don’t Go From Hot to Cold

In the winter especially, it pays to have an exit plan that will keep you warm in the colder weather. The best chance for a smooth exit is to plan ahead. Keep a dry towel within arms reach of the hot tub. Protect your feet from injury or slipping with a reliable pair of flip-flops. In addition, immediately rushing from the hot jacuzzi water to a cold swimming pool can potentially cause cold water shock and increase your blood pressure.

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Light the Way to Safely Get Out of a Hot Tub

Going in the hot tub at night can be relaxing, particularly after a long day at work or when you’re spending time with friends. If you are planning an evening dip, be sure that the area is properly lit. Ample lighting will help you and your guests to safely get out of a hot tub.

A good general tip is to remember that the same rules for the pool also apply to the hot tub. This includes active supervision, refraining from alcohol consumption and more. This may seem overly cautious, but remember that water can be much more dangerous than many people realize. At the same time, alcohol is more dangerous than many people realize. So, when combined, these are both a recipe for trouble. Will there be many times when mixing drinks and the hot tub will be fine? Probably. That said, the one time it isn’t “okay” is definitely going to be a big deal.

So when you’re craving those hot tub bubbles, remember this guide to help ensure a fun and safe time for everyone. Be sure to get in and get out of a hot tub safely!