Last week, we answered some questions and comments that we’ve received from followers on our Life Saver Pool Fence Facebook page. As always, we are interested in what our customers are thinking. So this week, we’re answering even more pool fence questions and comments.

Answering Your Pool Fence Questions

Do Pool Fences Look Hideous?

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Okay, so here’s a topic we haven’t really touched on. Are pool fences ugly? We certainly don’t think so! But, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. In this case, it seems like a good time to explore how to keep your pool fence looking clean so that complements your pool area.

The high quality mesh and low profile construction of our pool fences are specifically designed to work with the natural beauty of your swimming area. On average, each fence section is four feet high by 12 feet long. On these sections you’ll find easy-to-clean nylon basket-woven mesh.

Keeping these fences clean is critical to maintaining the beauty of your yard. Fortunately, cleaning is a snap thanks to the material. A simple rinse and wipe should keep everything gorgeous and fresh.

As for the lounge chairs, that’s easy as well. The fit of the fence can be customized to your pool area. In a nutshell, if you want room for lounge chairs, simply design with the chairs in mind. It is an easy way to stay both safe and stylish. Speak with our customer service department if you have any further pool fence questions about customization.

Get a “Real” Fence Instead?

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Of all the pool fence questions, one of the most common we receive is some variation of “why shouldn’t I just buy a real fence?” First of all, a pool fence is a real fence. More so than this, a pool fence is specifically designed to prevent little ones from climbing over it – despite how much they want to.

A traditional fence is often quite scalable by children. There are footholds and slats that are quite amenable to little feet.

Unlike other fences, the value of a pool fence is that it is specifically designed to prevent this hazard. A strong, sturdy mesh pool fence provides a powerful barrier between the water and any curious kids (or pets!).

As mentioned above, this pool fence should be a minimum of four feet tall. These can also be built even higher, but that’s the minimum height. The main goal is to create a barrier that would-be-swimmers won’t be able to climb or jump over or push into. As a safety device, this specialized tool offers significantly more protection than a regular fence.

Safety First or Fear Mongering?

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At Life Saver Pool Fence, water safety is always our top concern. The risk of children drowning cannot be overstated. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the top accidental killer of children who are between one and four years old. On average, roughly ten people die from unintentional drownings every day. Of these, two will be children aged 14 or younger.

Swimming lessons are helpful to everyone, regardless of age. Far too many accidents happen when a little one unexpectedly stumbles into the water. Often children also make their way toward to water when no one is looking. Lessons are available from a surprisingly young age, including infants. Speak with your pediatrician to find out when your child is ready to learn some basic swimming skills. Their answer may surprise you.

Have More Pool Fence Questions?

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