Bathtub safety is a prime example of an unlikely drowning hazard. It’s a danger that most adults don’t take into consideration. After all, who doesn’t love coming home after a stressful day, lighting some candles and slipping into a nice hot bubbly bath?

However, the tub can be more dangerous than most of us realize. We usually associate drowning incidents with children. After all, parents are told to never leave their child in the bathtub alone.

Importance of daily baths

That said, adults should also use some extra caution when using their bathtubs. As a recent high-profile example, Bollywood superstar Sridevi recently drowned after passing out in her hotel bathtub. Her fans and family are now mourning her tragic death, and asking how this happened.

Now, to be clear, Life Saver Pool Fence isn’t trying to paint your bathtub as a dangerous death trap. After all, it’s a normal household fixture. However, we would like to offer some helpful advice to keep you safe in your tub. In today’s blog, we’ll give you some bathtub safety tips to help you avoid this usually-ignored danger.

Bathtub Safety Tip #1- Set an Alarm

Be aware of how long you’re spending in the bathtub. To keep on track, set an alarm for ten-minute intervals. With this precaution, you’ll be protected in case you happen to doze off in the tub. If you live alone, the alarm should wake you right up.

If you do not live alone, have a loved one check on you every 10 minutes. This is a real threat, after all. Related to Sridevi’s case, she “passed out” in her hotel’s bathtub. It’s possible that an alarm could have saved her life.

Tragedy Highlights the Importance of Pool Alarm Safety - image of a siren

Bathtub Safety Tip #2- Enter the Tub at a Safe Temperature

If you read our recent blog post about hot tub hazards, you know that hot water naturally relaxes your body. This can lead to accidental drowsiness. After all, heat causes our blood pressure to drop. That’s why a hot bath is so relaxing! Still if the water is too hot, it may lead to lightheadedness, which can cause you to faint. As you can guess, falling unconscious in a bathtub can lead to an accidental drowning.

While most of us know our limits when it comes to hot water, it is still important to test the water before you get it. Before stepping into your bath, do the “finger test”! If you can’t leave your finger in the water for more than 5 seconds, it’s probably too hot.

Wait for the water to cool down until you can safely put your finger in the water for more than 5 seconds. Have you ever gotten out of a bathtub and looked like you just got a sun burn? That’s a surefire sign that the water was too hot. Next time, lower that temperature.

Bathtub Safety Tip #3- Save the Wine for After the Bath

We hate to ruin the party, but alcohol and hot water do not mix! Hot water intensifies the effects of alcohol. This may lead to overheating and drowsiness. As we’ve mentioned, falling asleep in hot water can be fatal.

Remember: bath tubs and alcohol don’t pair as well as you’d like!


Bathtub Safety Tip #4 – Keep the Water at a Moderate Level

This last tip works for children, but also for adults. It’s possible for a child to drown in as little as two or three inches of water. The same goes for adults. If your body is not fully submerged, and you happen to doze off, water can still enter through your mouth and your nose if it is too high. We suggest keeping the water level to just beneath your shoulders to avoid this type of scenario.

That’s it! Bathtub safety is easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. We love our baths just as much as you do & want them to be as safe and relaxing as possible. So, with this advice in mind, go crank your bathtub, light some candles, check the temperature, set your alarm, and enjoy! 

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