The drowning stats for August 2023 saw the lowest total drowning incidents since August 2009! That said, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Before we get carried away, let’s dive into the details so we can better understand where the risks still lie.

Understanding the Drowning Stats for August 2023

Every month, our friends over at Total Aquatic Programming provide water safety experts with invaluable data on recent drowning incidents and their causes. This information acts like a beacon for water safety experts, helping them to keep a close eye on potential problems.

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As usual, the drowning stats for August 2023 serve up some much-needed insights for potential improvements. Often, when experts crunch these numbers, they start to see patterns emerge. For instance, the summer months may see more boating incidents, as you’ll see below. These patterns help experts to spot trends and shed light on areas in which additional education is necessary.

By diving into data that spans the past 14 years, experts can pinpoint areas that indicate we can do better. This approach is a game-changer for lifeguards, swim instructors, and safety enthusiasts. Using this intel, they can come up with refreshed teaching techniques. Additionally, they can take action by placing extra warning signs near water bodies, and more. All of these strategies help water safety experts to join forces in a way that can reduce the chances of drowning danger.

These monthly drowning stats encompass over 15 different data points for each drowning incident nationwide. These include:

  • the date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age,
  • gender of the victim,
  • recorded ethnicity,
  • body of water,
  • and other relevant circumstances.

If you are interested in learning more, please check out our Child Safety Source interview with Total Aquatic Programming’s Mick Nelson.

Chart: Drowning Stats for August 2023

First, let’s start with the positive. Following the drowning stats of July and other previous months, things are looking up! We’ve seen a marked decline in drowning incidents this summer. Versus previous years, August 2023’s drowning stats continue this trend.

Check Out the Drowning Stats for August 2023

That said, we always aim for zero drowning incidents. To keep this in mind, below are some of the problem areas we’ve seen recently. Once again, boating mishaps are the most prevalent. As it’s the end of summer, people often take more risks. This can be deadly.

Drowning Chart for August 2023

Speaking of risks, we’ve also seen a rise of “extreme sport”-related incidents in the August 2023 drowning stats. This can include cliff-diving accidents. These risks can carry a heavy penalty. Read on to learn more.

Boating Blunders

As we mentioned, it’s fantastic to see fewer drowning incidents overall, but here’s the catch: the largest number of drownings last month were from boating accidents. Before your next family day on the water, make sure you’ve got U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets for everyone, and ensure they fit snugly. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, and if it looks iffy, consider rescheduling your water adventure.

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For more information, read our full blog post on boating safety.

Extreme Sports Woes

Now, here’s where things get a bit extreme. August brought us a significant number of drowning incidents via extreme sports like cliff jumping. While many of us love a good adrenaline rush, it’s crucial to remember that safety should never take a backseat. Always assess the risks, ensure that you’re properly trained, and never go it alone. Having a buddy can be a life saver.

Are Puddle Jumpers Safe?

Hope Finds a Way

Despite these remaining challenges, we should celebrate the progress we’ve all made since 2009. These positive trends show that awareness and safety measures are making a real difference. So, what can you do to contribute to this decline in drowning incidents? Share this blog with your friends and family to spread the word!