When it comes to choosing safety accessories and a swimsuit for babies, it can get tricky. For older kids, sure, they’re pretty easy to get into the pool. It’s a bit more complicated for our little ones.

Today, we’ll discuss choosing a swimsuit for babies. Additionally, we’ll see what other gear can alleviate the minds of concerned parents.

Safety and Comfort

First and foremost, let’s talk about what’s at stake. Believe it or not, a child can drown in a matter of seconds. Anyone can, really. However, water is especially dangerous for the very young. For children under the age of four, drowning is one of the most common causes of death. Therefore, it pays to take every possible precaution.

Start with a Swim Diaper

Before we start choosing a swimsuit for babies, it’s diaper time! Swim diapers are a crucial precaution for swimming when it comes to our little ones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even recommends that all public swimming locations require their use. These specially designed diapers help to delay the spread of bacteria through the water. If your child has an “accident” in the water, a swim diaper will help to stop the flow of urine or fecal matter into the water. It’s not a permanent solution, but it can buy a parent a few precious moments to get out of the water and change the diaper.

What to Look for When Choosing a Swimsuit for Babies

When it comes to choosing a swimsuit for babies between the ages of zero to three months, you should focus on providing warmth and protecting their sensitive skin. The skin of a newborn is particularly sensitive. It can be easily irritated by the harsh chemicals of a pool, including chlorine. They are also quite susceptible to the cold.

Is Cold Water Immersion Good for You?

To both these ends, you’ll want a suit that can protect as much of their skin as possible from the water. Additionally, be sure not to keep them in the water too long. The chill can affect them much faster than most adults realize. Ideally, you won’t be spending more than 10–15 minutes in the pool with your young one.

Option One: Thermal One Piece Swimsuits for Babies

Focusing on warmth, this thermal option is ideal when choosing a swimsuit for babies. A fleece-lined bathing suit will cover their arms and legs and help to protect the baby from the cold. Additionally, the long sleeves will prevent much of the water from hitting sensitive areas of skin.

Option Two: Baby Wetsuits

Baby wetsuits are usually made from neoprene and includes an integrated swim diaper. That’s clearly a great addition. The neoprene material also helps to keep the child warm while protecting the skin from exposure.

Additional Safety Measures

Once a child is past the third month of life, they’ll be ready for more choices. At this point a regular swimsuit should be fine. Just be sure to always pack extra swim diapers and apply sunscreen. As we mentioned, thermal swimwear and wetsuits that cover the skin protect from the cold, but they also help to protect from the sun’s rays.


There are even some swimsuits for babies that are specifically designed for this. On these garments, you’ll see a UPF rating (ultraviolet protection factor). The higher the number, the better.  Additionally, look into swimming lessons. Children are able to start much earlier than many parents realize. Finally, parents can help to protect their children by becoming CPR certified and installing a pool fence. Every precaution helps to keep vulnerable kids safe from harm.

Kids need a bit of extra protection. Making smart, informed choices can help to keep little ones out of harm’s way.