In today’s post, join us for a look at the sad news of Brendan Santo, whose body was found recently in Michigan. The dangers of accidental drowning are everywhere and can affect anyone. Let’s further explore this story to learn a bit more about this water hazard.

Brendan Santo’s Death Was Ruled as Accidental Drowning

To start, let’s take a look at the sad tale of 18-year-old Brendan Santo. Nearly five months ago, Santo went missing on the Michigan State University campus. His friends and family were understandably worried, and feared the worst.

Sadly, Brendan’s body was recovered from Red Cedar River on January 21st. A private investigator noticed the body and alerted the police. After all that time, Brendan was found just a mile and a half away from the last place he was seen.

The medical examiner assigned to the case listed acute ethanol intoxication as a contributing factor since, according to a Feb. 9 autopsy report, Santo’s blood alcohol content was at about 0.22. The medical examiner’s conclusion was that this was a case of accidental drowning.

Now, as of this publication, the investigation is still open. You can read more about the situation from this story in Detroit News. Regardless, this is an extremely sad turn of events.

Drinking and Drowning

Above all, drinking and water do not mix. Alcohol can inhibit a person’s judgment or even cause them to lose consciousness in the water. There does seem to be significant evidence pointing towards a drinking-related incident. That said, without having been present at the scene, no one can be truly sure what caused Santo’s accidental drowning. So, let’s use this as a learning opportunity:

Aside from causing you to lose control while in the water, alcohol can also make a person less sure on their feet. When walking near water or steep drops, it is possible to fall. Additionally, when walking near a river, it is possible that a sudden rise in tide can sweep a person into the water. All of these are excellent reasons to avoid alcohol near the water and to take extra precautions.


Accidental Drowning Prevention

Our monthly drowning statistic reports catalog just how many drowning occurrences occur across the United States. Often, there are far more of these incidents than many people realize. Accidental drowning is a serious danger.

Besides avoiding alcohol near the water, one of the best ways to avoid a drowning incident is to travel or swim with a buddy. The buddy system is a tried-and-true method. If someone falls in the water alone, they are on their own to save their own life. With a friend, someone can quickly call for help or try to get the victim out of harm’s way. Put simply, it pays to have someone watching your back.

Additionally, CPR training can save lives. In a case of accidental drowning, it pays to have someone nearby. A person properly trained in CPR is a powerful advantage. CPR, which is relatively easy to learn, can help someone get the water out of a drowning person’s lungs and get them back on their feet before a proper rescue team arrives.

Just remember to keep up-to-date with your CPR training. Every few years, recertification is also necessary. Water safety professionals are dedicated to constantly learning and improving rescue techniques. Accidental drowning can be scary and tragic, but these are just a few ways to lower the risks.