At the close of 2018, we wanted to take one last look at some drowning deaths and heroic rescues that took place in December.

The stories of others can become teachable moments for everyone. To this end, the Life Saver Pool Fence blog takes a monthly look at some of the most striking stories of drowning deaths and miraculous rescues. These tales show how preparation and education can help to avoid necessary tragedy.

This December, we’re going to focus heavily on a few heroic rescues. After all, drowning is preventable as long as we take the proper precautions. It seems to be working, since our recently published drowning stats for 2018 have shown impressive progress.

Read on for the tragic drowning deaths and heroic rescues of December.

December’s Tales of Drowning Deaths and Heroic Rescues

A Man Drowns in Less Than a Foot of Water

Let’s begin with a warning about unlikely drowning dangers. In this case, a 29-year-old died on New Year’s Day while clearing a beaver dam. This unusual drowning situation is under investigation in Washington County, Missouri. This is just another incident that shows the surprising dangers of water. It can happen in the most unusual and unexpected places.

Read the full story at this link. 

CPR Saves a Baby’s Life

Here’s another story with a scary beginning, but a happy ending. A mother found her baby daughter face down in her pool. Thankfully, she had the CPR skills necessary to revive the child. Using this life saving skill, she was able to pull her daughter out from the pool and begin CPR, saving the baby’s life.

With the holidays approaching, this is a very timely reminder that the active supervision of children, and knowing how to perform CPR, are key skills to avoiding drowning deaths.

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Teen Drags a Drowning Woman Out of Harm’s Way

Danny Lawson-Jones is being hailed as a hero for swimming across the Waikato River to drag a drowning woman to the bank, and rescuing her from drowning. His cousin aided with the assist, and we are so thankful that they were there floating down the river at the right place and right time to save this woman!

This story also comes with a warning. No one should underestimate to power of rip tides. Beware of swimming in areas without lifeguards!.

Read the full story at this link.

11-Year-Old Boy Saves Drowning Man

Advaik Nandikotkur may only be 11 years old, but he knew enough to save a life! Advaik is being hailed as a hero for saving a 34-year-old man from drowning at an indoor pool. Without hesitation, he jumped into the water to pull the man out. The victim was over 100 pounds heavier than the boy, but fortunately they both made it to safety.

Now, this young man is a hero, but it is important to remember that this situation could easily have turned tragic for both the man and the boy. Advaik knew how to recognize when someone is drowning, but it is also important to be careful. Following proper safety procedure saves lives.

Read the full story at this link.

Michigan State Troopers Honored for Saving a Drowning Child

Back in July, troopers David Deuman and Jeremiah Roberts rescued a three-year-old drowning victim. The boy was discovered face down in a pool by his mother. The mother was performing CPR, but unfortunately, the boy’s airway was blocked by vomit. Using their water safety training, the officers were able to clear the victim’s airway. Thanks to their fast actions, the boy made it out of this dangerous situation unharmed! For their efforts, Deuman and Roberts were given the Michigan State Police Life-Saving Award.

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