Drowning danger is a serious concern for everyone. For this reason, it is important to take time to highlight certain stories in the news. These can help to make the hazards seem a bit more real. This may help to educate and push parents and guardians to be a bit more vigilant.

First Story of Drowning Danger in the News

Recently, two toddlers passed away after drowning in a neighbor’s pool. According to Palm Beach officials, the boys had been playing in the backyard while their grandmother watched them. Suddenly, the grandmother realized the boys were no longer there. After searching for 30 minutes, the grandmother called the police.

Sadly, the boys were found a few houses down the road, drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool. Obviously, this is an awful tragedy. To make matters worse, it is an all-too-common story. This serves as an important reminder to always check the water first. When a child goes missing, the first place to look should be by any available water.

Drowning danger happens far more quickly than many of us realize. In these situations, time is critical. The most dangerous hazards should be checked first. A full account of this sad story can be found here.

New Research Calls for Extra Adult Supervision Near the Water - image of two kids and two adults in the water.

A More Hopeful Tale of a Pool Party Rescue

That last story is obviously harrowing, so let’s share a story with a nicer ending. In this case, a nurse rescued a six-year-old from drowning danger during a pool party.

According to the news report, police say the child simply jumped into the pool while no parents were watching. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to swim. Thankfully, the parents quickly noticed that a little one had gotten into trouble.

One of the attendees was a nurse. She was able to pull the child to safety and perform life-saving CPR. As we said, this story has a happy ending. The child was taken to the hospital and is now fine.

Pool Safety: Multiple Layers of Protection Can Save Your Child’s Life

CPR and Active Supervision

In our second tale, CPR training was critical in saving that poor child’s life. This is a valuable skill that all adults should be trained to use. In an emergency, as we just saw, it can save a life.

Every few years, recertification is also necessary. Water safety professionals are dedicated to constantly learning and improving rescue techniques. It is important for us all to stay up to date.

Additionally, the common factor in both of these stories is a lapse in active supervision. When children are going to be near the water, a responsible adult should always be keeping a close eye on them. It is far too easy for a child to simply slip away. As we mentioned earlier, drowning happens quickly… and often quietly.

Drowning danger is a serious issue, especially for children. According to the CDC, an average of two children under the age of 14 die from unintentional drowning each day. Furthermore, for kids under four years of age, drowning danger is actually the leading cause of death aside from certain birth conditions. To learn more about active supervision, read our dedicated blog post. Keeping just a few simple “rules” in mind could help an adult prevent needless loss of life. Installing a child pool safety fence can also add an extra layer of protection to help protect little kids from accidental drownings.