Each month at Life Saver Pool Fence, we take a moment to shine a light on some of the many unfortunate drowning deaths of the past few weeks. As you can see in our piece from April, there are far more than most people may expect. In spite of how morbid this may seem, it is necessary reading. We are dedicated to water safety and each of these tragedies presents a teaching moment. Hopefully, by spreading these stories we can help to prevent further loss of life.

This month, we’re trying to do something a bit different. Instead of focusing only on a few drowning deaths, we’re sharing some stories of heroic rescues. Some of these still have tragic endings, but it’s important to let people know that there is hope! After all, though these accidents are all-too-common, accidental drowning is also preventable in nearly all cases.

Here are May’s Tales of Heroism and the Prevention of Drowning Deaths

Seattle Authorities Rescue a Two-Year-Old Boy from Toppenish Canal

After a young boy went missing in Seattle, a desperate search began. Searchers found the boy, lifeless in a Toppenish canal. Fortunately, thanks to CPR training, the first responders and hospital staff were able to revive him. He has been taken to a children’s hospital to receive more treatments. We wish him a fast and speedy recovery.

This story serves as an important reminder to parents to teach their children to beware of a false sense of security near any body of water. It’s also a great reminder for all parents and caretakers to be trained in CPR.

You can read the full story here.

A Mother’s Day Rescue… and Tragedy

Regrettably, this one is a sad story. Aleisha Rankin and Gregory Grant are heroes. A man and woman sacrificed their lives to save a stranger’s toddler from drowning in the ocean off of Georgia’s coast on Mother’s Day. The two dove into the water as high tide approached to rescue the child. They were successful at rescuing the toddler, but the undercurrent was too much for Rankin and Gregory.

“She always put herself aside when it came to anybody’s child, not just her own,” Rankin’s cousin told reporters. “That’s just the mother in her. She did what any mother would do — on Mother’s Day.”

Rankin, a mother of four, passed away later at the hospital. Grant leaves behind two children as well. The toddler fortunately made a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these two brave heroes.

You can read the full story here.

California Toddler Safe After a Near Disaster

A toddler was revived after falling into a swimming pool at a home in Menifee, California. We are so thankful this toddler is going to be alright! While this story had a happy ending, it really does reinforce the importance of active supervision. It is critical that there is always a watchful eye over your children. Accidents can happen within moments. In the small amount of time it takes to answer a phone call, or greet someone at the door, your little ones can get into trouble.

Check the Pool First: Searching for a Missing Child

We cannot stress enough the importance of having layers of protection put into place. Your home can never be too safe. It is vital that you have high locks on doors and windows, install door and pool alarms, and have additional barriers to help keep your little ones out of danger.

Once again, we are ecstatic that the child in this situation is okay.

You can read the full story here.

A Deer Story of Avoiding Drowning Deaths

Let’s end on a heroic – and adorable – note. Police in Switzerland came to the rescue of a deer having some trouble in the water. Officers used the Bella patrol boat to track down the roe deer, locating it a long way from the safety of shore. Fortunately, a bystander caught the entire rescue on video:

This event reminds us that animals are at risk near the open water. Be sure to take safety measures to keep your pets out of harm’s way as well! Thank goodness for these heroes saving this little deer!

You can read the full story here.