Drowning Stats for April 2023

We’ve seen the drowning stats for April 2023 and they are certainly better than last year. That said, there is definitely room for improvement. Read on to learn more. 

Understanding the Drowning Stats for April 2023

Every month, the team at Total Aquatic Programming shares info about how many people drowned across the country that month. They’ve been doing this for years! In fact, they just released the latest report for April 2023 and it’s got some really helpful insights. By looking at the numbers from the past 14 years, they can see whether there are any trends or data that they don’t know enough about. This way they can figure out how to stop more people from drowning. It’s especially helpful because this info helps water safety experts in teaching people how to stay safe in the water and how to rescue someone else if they find themselves in such an unfortunate situation.

These monthly drowning statistics cover over 15 different factors related to each incident across the nation, including:

  • date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age,
  • gender of the victim,
  • recorded ethnicity,
  • body of water,
  • and other relevant circumstances.

Chart: Drowning Stats for April 2023


As stated, the drowning stats for April 2023 are an improvement. However, it’s not the best year on record. Besides that, the goal is always to eliminate drowning danger. For example, there was a slight increase in drowning incidents for kids under four years of age. This tracks with the CDC’s warning that drowning is the most common cause of danger for young children.

Graph April

In the next sections, we’ll take a deeper dive on a few of the causes of these drowning incidents:

Drowning Due to Medical Events

One of the biggest causes of drowning last month has been due to medical issues. No matter what, it is important to stay safe while swimming. One thing you might not have considered is whether you need a doctor’s permission to take a dip. For example, people with certain heart conditions, respiratory problems, or wounds may be at risk of complications if they swim without proper medical guidance.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution and talk with your doctor before jumping in the water. They can give you advice on whether swimming is okay for you and what precautions you should be taking to stay safe. By taking this extra step, you can enjoy your swim without putting your health at risk.

Additionally, did you know that swimming in unclean water can make you sick? There are a number of different illnesses that can spread through recreational water. In the past, we’ve discussed Crypto, a parasite that can get into your body when you swim.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that over the past 20 years, there have been more and more outbreaks of these types of illnesses. Even if the water has chlorine in it, which is supposed to help clean it, there can still be germs that cause bodily discomfort or risk, like stomach problems, ear or eye infections, skin infections, and even chest infections. So it’s important to make sure you’re in clean water while you’re swimming!

Pay Attention to Ladder Safety

This month, one of the major concerns was incidents of drowning that occurred due to problems with ladders. No matter how old you are, there are risks involved when you climb up and down a ladder in or near water. A ladder that is not installed correctly can be very dangerous, and result in falls and injuries.

It’s important to pay attention to this detail when setting up a pool or hot tub. The same goes for using a ladder to get on and off a boat – make sure it’s secure before anyone starts using it. Taking a moment to think about ladder safety can go a long way in preventing accidents and saving lives.