Welcome, officially, to 2023. Let’s keep the swimming safety trend analysis going! It’s time to reflect on the past month and review the drowning stats for January 2023. Read on to gain more insights.

Understanding the Drowning Statistics for January 2023

 Each month, we share the drowning statistics reported by Total Aquatic Programming. Examining drowning stats for January 2023 is a critical task, and experts across the U.S. are working hard to prevent these incidents. As you’d expect, we analyze them in order to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

The drowning stats for January 2023, along with data from the same month over the past 13 years, are carefully scrutinized to gain insight into causes, age groups, and locations of drowning incidents. By regularly reviewing drowning numbers, water safety professionals can refine education and rescue practices, making them more effective in preventing loss of life.

The stats cover over 15 different factors for each reported drowning occurrence in the country. By staying informed, we can all work together to make our communities safer.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age and gender of the victim,
  • ethnicity, if recorded,
  • body of water in which the drowning occurred,
  • and several other circumstances that can help to provide some guidance in the prevention of future drownings.

To gain insight into the experts behind these drowning statistics, we encourage our readers to listen to our interview with Total Aquatic Programming’s Mick Nelson in our Child Safety Source feature.

Chart: Drowning Stats for January 2023

Unfortunately, the drowning stats for January 2023 have definitely shown some setbacks. This is especially true when it comes to teens. A lot of these issues seem to come from cracking ice and faulty pool fences.

Drowning Stats for January 2023


When thinking about these causes, it may not go unnoticed that both of these issues require constant attention. It’s no secret, teens tend to ignore the rules. Still, they require safety precautions like the rest of us. That’s where these next tips come in handy.

Drowning Chart for January 2023

Falling Through Ice

The rise in drownings, as seen in the drowning stats for January 2023, is cause for concern. On top of that, a surprising number of these drownings were caused by ice-related incidents.


This can include falling through ice, cars sliding into water due to slippery conditions, and even the danger of cold water shock. Ice can be more hazardous than many realize. That’s why we’ve written articles to educate people about these topics.

You see, cold water shock is a natural reaction that occurs when your body is suddenly immersed in cold water. This causes you to gasp for air, potentially inhale freezing water and leads to disorientation and panic. For more information, please read our full blog post about cold water shock.

For Maximum Safety: Install a Strong and Durable Pool Fence for Optimal Safety

A pool fence is a crucial aspect of pool safety. That said, it must be sturdy and installed properly. At Life Saver Pool Fence, we understand the importance of a secure pool fence and believe in the benefits it brings, such as preventing accidental falls into the water. A top-quality fence should be robust enough to resist pushing and pulling, and tall enough to prevent climbing. It must also be able to withstand the weather as well as curious children. For added insight, read our article on the importance of a strong mesh pool fence.