Now that we’re officially in June, let’s explore Total Aquatic Programming’s drowning stats for May 2022. The past month was not as positive as last May, but it is certainly much better than many other years. This month was rife with open water drownings, including river and jet ski incidents.

Read on to learn more about the drowning statistics and causes for May 2022. 

Understanding the Drowning Statistics of May 2022

Each month, Life Saver Pool Fence’s safety blog takes a closer look at the recorded drowning incidents around the nation. These drowning stats for May 2022 are compiled and shared by Total Aquatic Programming.

For 13 years, these month-by-month drowning numbers have been shared in order to help prevent further dangers. Armed with this knowledge, water safety experts can track, and learn about, potential threats. Using this insight, education and extra training can provide additional safety knowledge.

At the beginning of each month, these charts and maps display the number of drownings for a particular age group, activity or location. Each of these drowning incidents were recorded based on reports from reputable news sources.

The basic drowning stats for May 2022 track more than 15 separate items from every drowning that occurs throughout the country. 

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • date
  • state
  • city
  • county
  • age and gender of the victim
  • ethnicity, if recorded
  • body of water in which the drowning occurred
  • and several other circumstances that can help to provide some guidance in the prevention of future drownings.

As always, we encourage our readers to check out our full Child Safety Source interview with Total Aquatic Programming’s Mick Nelson to learn more about the team behind this valuable data.

Chart: Drowning Stats for May 2022

Below, we have compiled the latest drowning stats for May 2022. As mentioned above, the May 2022 numbers here are being compared to the previous 13 years. While this was not the worst May on file, it certainly appears that we have taken a step backwards.

Drowning Stats for May 2022

As you can see, adults have broken even with 2021, but there was a significant uptick in teen drownings compared to last year’s numbers. On the other hand, the incidents affecting kids 12 and under are almost half what they were last year.

Drowning Chart for May 2022

For further analysis, Total Aquatic Programming’s website breaks down a few key areas of concern. Boats, pontoons, jet skis and kayaks made up a major percentage of the drowning stats for May 2022.

Jet Ski Safety

As mentioned in the introduction, jet skis were actually one of the major causes that resulted in some of the most recent drowning incidents.

In general, like most boating, a jet ski can seem like harmless fun. Of course, far too many people do not take jet skiing seriously. This can be a fatal mistake, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists a surprising number of deaths and injuries sustained on recreational water-crafts.

Before heading out, be sure to take lessons or a safety course. Wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket and be sure to check the weather before heading out on the waves. A bit of preparation can save a life.

River Safety

Another major trouble area last month seemed to be rivers. The open water can be deceptively dangerous. A river can quickly speed up or rise without much warning. People are often swept away during a moment of lax concentration.

No matter the season, if you’re near a body of water, it should be treated with a degree of trepidation. You can never be absolutely sure of your safety when standing near or in a stream or river. It pays to be vigilant. To learn more, read our full article about rising rivers and flooding danger.