It is time to review the drowning stats for November 2023. Unfortunately, there have been some unsettling increases from other recent months. When compared to last November, there are areas of improvement, but the goal will always be to eliminate the risk of drowning altogether.

The drowning incidents for adults appear to be higher than they’ve been in a while. As for why, there are several reasons. Read on to learn more about the drowning stats for November 2023.

Understanding the Drowning Stats for November 2023

Each and every month for the past 14 years, Total Aquatic Programming has supplied water safety experts with crucial up-to-the-minute drowning data that is constantly updated. Through a thorough examination of these statistics, valuable insights into the root causes of such incidents emerge, enabling us to pinpoint areas that require enhancement. This extensive 14-year dataset allows experts to identify patterns, refine teaching methods and update safety protocols for more effective prevention.

These monthly drowning stats include:

  • the date,
  • state,
  • city,
  • county,
  • age,
  • gender of the victim,
  • recorded ethnicity,
  • body of water,
  • and other relevant circumstances for each drowning incident on record.

According to their website, Total Aquatic Programming’s drowning stats are supported by a Bronze Level partnership with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA). NDPA has joined together to ensure the drowning data we post is as comprehensive as possible. Combined, this process involves about 1,100 hours of work per year, plus the cost for programs and support.

For more information about this mission and more, please check out our interview with Total Aquatic Programming’s Mick Nelson. For now, let’s dive deeper into the drowning stats for November 2023.

Chart: Drowning Stats for November 2023

Drowning Stats for November 2023

When comparing the statistics for November 2023 to the month of Novembers in previous years, we can see that these are higher than they’ve been in quite a while. The category that is most affected is clearly adults as we’re seeing a significant increase in adult drownings.

Drowning Chart for November 2023

Drowning Danger on the Road

One of the major culprits for the drowning statistics for November 2023 seems to be motor vehicles. This can be due to a multitude of issues.

Drowning in a car is like a double whammy of danger, mixing the chaos of a car crash with the terror of being underwater. It’s a race against the clock, with the car sinking faster than you might think—minutes, not hours. Opening the car doors becomes a superhero-level challenge due to intense water pressure. And those power windows? Well, they might just give up on you.

As if that’s not enough, when a car ends up under water, the driver can be left without oxygen. Even if you manage to break a window or pry open a door, the water’s not exactly calm. There’s a real risk of strong currents dragging you around and making things even messier.

It’s not just about breaking free; it’s dealing with the underwater chaos and not getting tangled or disoriented. Bottom line: it’s pretty serious stuff. That’s why it’s smart to know how to deal with water around you, how to escape a sinking car, and keep a window-breaking tool handy, just in case. Because being ready for the worst can be a game-changer. Here’s some more information about what to do if your car ends up under water.

Moving into December

The drowning statistics for November 2023 offer essential insights that guide us in tackling water safety issues. By paying attention to these lessons, we can collaborate to avoid future drowning incidents and safeguard our loved ones. Together, we can stay well informed so we can prioritize safety at all times.

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