We’ve talked about kids going back to school, but today, let’s talk about fall safety! Summer has plenty of safety tips, but as we dip into the cooler months of the year, it’s time to explore some different safety concerns.

Fall Safety Tips

The Night Comes Sooner 

The days are long in the summer, but when autumn arrives the sun starts to go down earlier. Since there will be less daylight, it’s important to warn children about staying out in the dark. On darker evenings, kids playing outside should take extra precautions. After all, there is a much more serious risk of danger from a car accident or a falling injury.

Beware of Biking Dangers

Speaking of danger in the dark, children riding bikes must use reflectors and a bright light. These should be firmly affixed to the front and back of the vehicle. Additionally, it is important that anyone riding wear clothing and backpacks made with reflective materials. Above all, you want to be absolutely sure that drivers in oncoming traffic can see you and your little ones on the road. Very young children should not ride their bikes at night.

Warm Up to the Weather

In many areas across the United States, the weather will start turning cooler around this time. We’ve already shared a detailed article about closing and caring for your pool in the colder months. That’s a critical first step. If no one is going swimming, then the pool should be properly locked up and covered. The pool cover itself should be of high quality and able to withstand the body weight of a person. This should help prevent anyone from stumbling in and becoming trapped under the water. The pool cover is an additional layer of protection similar to pool fencing.

Additionally, any toys and chemicals should be securely locked away. When it comes to fall safety, any possible temptation for kids to wander into the pool area should be eliminated.

Tips to Stay Warm When the Power Goes Out

Fall is Allergy Season

Beyond the colder weather, the falling leaves of autumn can cause an allergy attack. Pollen in particular is a very common cause of runny noses and irritated eyeballs. Kids love to play in leaves, but this activity should be limited as well. For one, dead leaves can hide harmful bacteria and mold. This can be particularly dangerous for children with asthma.

Mold and harmful bacteria can also be quite common in the air during these months. To help eliminate these risks, we recommend keeping an eye on your local pollen levels. On days when the levels are high, the best fall safety tip is to spend more time indoors.

Additionally, try not to hang wet laundry in your yard. This can accidentally cause pollen to attach to the fabric, eventually trafficking it back into your home.

Okay, that about wraps up these basic fall safety tips. For kids, autumn can be a delightful experience. Playing outside without having to worry about the scorching sun is a wonderful change of pace. Just remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Kids should obey the rules of the road and take proper precautions of the seasonal dangers. When we all think about fall safety, it improves the season for everyone.