The day Denise Garcia nearly lost her little boy will forever be burned in her memory.

“I think about it every day. I’m like, ‘How did this happen to us?'” Garcia wondered.

But she’s resting easier knowing that something was done to prevent her from reliving the nightmare.

Garcia’s son, Elijah, 1-year-old, accidentally made his way into the backyard pool back in September. He was underwater for five minutes before his father pulled him out.

After a week in intensive care, the toddler made a stunningly full recovery.

Just a day after the story aired on ABC Action News, Life Saver Pool Fence contacted the station asking to get in touch with Garcia and her husband.

Life Saver Pool Fence provides free fences to families with children, and the company president was touched by Eli’s story of survival.

“For someone out there to just to see us and provide it for us is just amazing,” Garcia said.

The company sent Louis Bader to install the fencing. Bader’s own pool company is affiliated with Life Saver Pool Fence in the Bay area, and he said it was a pleasure to provide the work.

“It just warms your heart,” said Bader, who’s installed pool fences for three decades. “It makes you understand why you’re in this business. The whole idea is to save lives.”

The black fence circles the entire pool, and a locked gate is the only access point, meaning Elijah won’t be making any more unannounced visits to the water.

“You definitely can’t turn your back, not even for a split second,” Garcia said. “Not once can you let your guard down.”