When it comes to water danger, quick thinking can save a life. Recently, two former pro wrestlers saved a drowning person. We’ve written many articles about how proper education and reflexes can save lives. Today, we’re happy to share a great tale of heroism.

Recently, former WWE and WCW wrestler Psicosis, with fellow wrestler Robin Lekime, found themselves in quite a dangerous situation. By keeping a clear head, they were able to take stock of a life-threatening potential drowning situation and save a drowning person.

Read on for the heroic story.

Quick Thinking: Two Wrestlers Saved a Drowning Person

The 47-year-old Psicosis was in a car along with his fellow wrestler Robin Lekime and promoter Danny Warren. A storm struck while they were on the road, causing a near-fatal car accident. Reportedly, the car spun out on the slick, icy road, causing the vehicle to flip over into a ditch. Unfortunately, according to his own Facebook post, Danny Warren ended up trapped inside the car as it became submerged in water.

Warren explains the full details of the accident and how Psicosis and Lekime were able to save him from a terrible fate. Here’s how he starts his post:

“Before anything, thank you Robin Lekime and thank you Psicosis. You saved my life. Literally. If I say nothing in public ever again. Thank you. Thank you forever.

Regardless of being traumatized, still in complete shock, beyond mentally and physically exhausted and in an ungodly amount of pain I would not have the luxury to be typing this as we speak or communicating with any of you ever again if it weren’t for those two superheroes.”

You can read the full account via Danny’s Facebook post here.

Anyone Can Save a Life

While this is undoubtedly a wonderful tale of heroism, it’s important to remember that we all have the potential to save a life.

Psicosis, for one, stayed humble when being praised in an interview:

“’The Mexican Avenger,” they call me. I was at the right time. That was it,” he said. “I think about his daughter and the family. I’m lucky that day. I do what I do. That’s it… Day after day. If somebody calls me, I go. The days after the accident, I make every day count. Enjoy everything.”

Those are nice words to live by. Fortunately, he was able to assess the danger and act. Proper education can go a long way towards helping as well.


First, it can be tricky to save a drowning person, but it’s crucial to be able to recognize when this is happening. Believe it or not, it can be trickier than many people realize. Now, in a situation like this one, there was the immediate concern of a water-logged car. But sometimes drowning can be deceptively quiet. For example, in a calm pool,.

Drowning is often not as dramatic as it is portrayed in movies. There won’t be much thrashing or kicking. More often than not, the victim struggles quietly before simply slipping under the waves. Additionally, even experienced swimmers can drown. For this reason, you should always keep a vigilant eye for any possible signs of drowning. To understand the basics of how to save a drowning person, read our full blog post, How to Recognize When Someone is Drowning.

Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

This particular story has a happy ending, but it could have easily ended another way. When driving in hazardous weather conditions, it’s important to knowing how to keep the car on the road. Also, it’s always a good idea to learn how to avoid hydroplaning and skidding. Above all, be sure to keep your lights on during rough weather. That’s a skill best learned when it isn’t the dead of night in a downpour.


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