Attention, picklers!

When you need a durable and stylish perimeter for your pickleball courts, look no further than Life Saver Pool Fence.

It makes sense. From hot southern summers to chilly northern winters, our pool fences have withstood all kinds of year-round weather conditions since 1987. With high-quality mesh and tight border stitching, backed by a 100-year warranty, our fences are perfect for indoor or outdoor pickleball courts.

Spectators won’t miss a single Bert or Erne because mesh pool fences are designed to be seen through. Additionally, mesh doesn’t rot, warp, or fade, and doesn’t block airflow.

What’s more, Life Saver fences look great around pickleball courts. The inset caps and recessed screws that make our fence poles difficult for children to climb also give them a sleek look that elevates the modern aesthetic of any Pickledome. They can be customized by color and height and are easily removed, adding versatility to the space.

We’ve already installed our fences at multiple pickleball courts around the United States. Find a professional Life Saver pickleball fence installer in your area at