“Help, there’s a gator in the pool!” is not something most people are ever expecting to yell… but it happens a lot more than many realize. Animals love climbing into open swimming pools. If you live in an area with a lot of alligators, this problem could affect you.

Since Life Saver Pool Fence’s headquarters is based in Florida, we are generally more used to this fear than most. What can we say? It comes with the territory. As always, when it comes to pool safety, it pays to be prepared.

Gator Danger

First things first, let’s talk about alligators. Obviously, these are pretty dangerous creatures to find swimming around or lurking near your swimming pool. The first thing to do upon finding a gator in the pool is to get away!

Cute Gator in Pool

A live animal that feels trapped can be especially dangerous. So above all, stay indoors and call for help. Your local animal control agency can provide advice and will likely send someone to take care of the problem. Whenever there is a danger, call a professional. The experts will have a better idea how to deal with these sticky situations.

Remember to keep your kids and pets as far away from the gator as possible. Chances are high that it won’t be able to tell the difference between a friendly family pet and a wild food source. The best way to keep a loved one off the menu is to simply stay far away.

Swimming Worries with a Gator in the Pool

If a gator enters the pool while you are in the water, don’t panic! That said, do make a hasty, quiet exit. In addition, try not to splash. A splash can be a signal to a gator that a potential meal is in the water.

Crocodile head

You should be careful when fishing near waters that can potentially be alligator-infested. Beyond general fishing safety tips, try not to fish near alligators. They won’t hesitate to try to eat the fish right off your line.

Prevent the Problem

Aside from alligators, all sorts of wild animals may want to climb into your pool. Fortunately, there are a few layers of protection you can add that may be able to prevent an unwanted gator in the pool… and other invaders! Here are some steps you can take to prevent these intruders from reaching your pool area:

Pool Fence

Obviously, installing a pool fence is a great way to keep kids and pets away from the water. These barriers should be tall, and sturdy enough to withstand both the elements and curious hands. What’s more, they’re also great for keeping out uninvited guests… like gators and other animals.

Pool Covers

Of course, don’t ever rely on a single safety system. Installing a strong pool cover can also keep your water free from invaders, such as a gator in the pool. These are often more of a way to keep your pool secure during the off seasons. The cover must have an absolutely snug fit. This will prevent animals like snakes, frogs or rodents from wiggling underneath and becoming trapped. It should also be strong enough to support a good deal of weight, just in case someone or something wanders on top of the cover.

Pool Alarm

Finally, let’s talk about pool alarms. Like the other levels of protection, these are great for keeping kids safe. No one can watch their pool area all day and night, but a pool alarm can help. These devices will alert you if anything or anyone has fallen into your swimming pool… including a gator!

That’s about it. The most important note is to not put yourself in harm’s way. In case of trouble, call the experts. They’ll know what to do.