Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a fantastic way to help keep your children safer near the water.

This post is one in an ongoing Life Saver Pool Fence interview series with experts in child protection. This week’s conversation is with Darlene Haskins, a fourth season ISR Self-Rescue Survival Swimming Lessons instructor.

Hi, Darlene. Let’s start at the beginning. What do you do as an Infant Swimming Resource instructor?

I teach infants who are six-months to one-year old how to orient themselves in the water. Then, my students who are one-year to six-years-old learn to swim, turn over, float on their backs for air, and continue swimming to get out of the water.

Each child is different. Every child needs a custom approach to build their confidence in the water. I take extra special care to make sure the student and the family feel very safe.

How long have you been an Infant Swimming Resource instructor and why did you decide to get involved? 

Currently, I’m in my fourth season. I wanted to become an Instructor after I saw the “Miles” video. ISR seemed amazing. I was already an instructor for a local swim program but I wanted to teach this!

What are the benefits of ISR compared to other swimming programs?

Students learn to get on their back and float. At ISR, we teach five days a week – so students can both learn and retain their skills. We do not use flotation devices. Each student learns breath control and how to manage their buoyancy in the water.

Students always have the same instructor, which is crucial to building trust in the water and with the instructor. ISR-skilled children will have the tools needed to save their own lives. We also only teach private, one-on-one lessons. There are no groups and no other parents cheering on their child around on the pool deck. Instead, our one-on-one lessons relax the child – especially if they are an infant.

What is the average duration of lessons?

  • Children aged six-months to one-year-old will have lessons for approximately four weeks.
  • Children aged one- to six-years-old will have lessons for approximately six weeks.

These sessions tend to take place five days a week. Typically, each lesson only lasts for ten minutes.  The reason for this frequency of lessons is multifaceted. First, repetition and consistency are crucial elements of learning for young children. Research shows that short, more frequent lessons result in higher retention. Second, most children have fairly short attention spans and will not be able to focus on the task for longer.  We want to take advantage of the best times for learning.

At what age can I enroll my child in Infant Swimming Resource lessons?

ISR students can be as young as six months old. Children can attend our swimming lessons until the age of six.

What programs would you recommend for children who are too old for ISR?

Where I teach, Safe Swim NC Specialized Aquatic Training LLC, we teach all ages, even adults. We teach ISR and are also Certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors.

What is the average cost of lessons? Does it vary by location?

The cost does vary by area. However, I would estimate that the average cost is about $60-$150 each week. There is also a registration fee of $105 that pays for the doctors and nurses who are on staff in order to review each student’s medical history. This helps us to approve each child for training.

How can I find an instructor near me?

To find an instructor near you, visit and enter your zip code.


Darlene serves Kernersville, North Carolina and residents of its surrounding areas. If you are interested in finding out more about her, visit:

Life Saver Pool Fence systems would like to thank Darlene Haskins (who is now a Life Saver Dealer!) for providing us with this excellent information.

If you have any other questions about Infant Swimming Resource lessons, please visit and enter your zip code. The website will be able to locate an instructor near you and help you with any questions that you may have.