Time to talk about installing a pool fence for a school… and beyond. When it comes to pool safety, there’s so much more to consider than backyard pools. True, these are extremely important… but what about pool fences for a school or other large businesses? Today, we are delighted to share a story that shows just how versatile a Life Saver Pool Fence can be.

Installing a Pool Fence for a School

Our story today comes right from our social media accounts. (You are following us on Instagram and Facebook, right?) We were recently contacted by someone at a school to install a pool fence because they were worried about the safety of their students. This is the kind of forward thinking we love.

Now, installing a pool fence for a school is a big job. This pool in particular was Olympic-sized. Fortunately, the customizable fence is more than up to the task. As all of our customers learn, Life Saver Pool Fence has a wide variety of color and configuration options available. This means there’s a pool fence for the smallest pool, and the largest.

Installing a Pool Fence for a School

As you can see from this finished result, installing a pool fence for a school is a worthwhile investment. This added safety feature increases the protection of students.

It’s All in the Mesh

There are a number of components to a quality pool fence. However, in our expert opinion, the heart and strength of the fence comes from the mesh. Fences offered by Life Saver Pool Fence use nearly indestructible Textaline® mesh.

With a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch, this mesh is exceptionally powerful. It can stand up against the weather, kids, pets, you name it.

You can see this special mesh in action in this video:

Height is a Critical Component

While installing a pool fence for a school or anywhere else, it’s important to make sure the fence is tall enough. The goal is that the fence should be high enough to prevent kids from simply clambering over it and into the water.

As you can see in the photo, this fence is more than capable of keeping unwanted swimmers out of harm’s way. Believe it or not, drowning is much more dangerous than most people realize. According to the CDC, nearly 700 children fatally drown each year. What’s more, for every child who dies from drowning, another four children are sent to the ER for non-fatal submersion injuries. Many of these unfortunate victims are left permanently disabled.

The CPSC and the Academy of Pediatrics each recommend a self-closing, self-latching pool gate. Since 1989, Life Saver Pool Fence has been famous for offering an extra strong, super secure gate system. For years, our self-closing gate has impressed homeowners with its excellent design and construction.

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Pool Fences Save Lives

Life Saver Pool Fence isn’t just a name. It is also a perfect descriptor of the product. Put simply, pool fences save lives. Someone cannot always be watching the water. Beyond this, kids like to get into mischief. With a properly installed pool fence and gate, the water becomes much safer. When combined with other layers of protection, drowning danger can be greatly reduced. This goes for the home, the school, and wherever else you find a swimming pool.

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