For each episode of Child Safety Source, we sit down with a talented expert who has devoted his or her life to protecting children. Many times, their drive is a result of a terrible drowning tragedy. To change that tune, today’s guest is an exception. Geoff Dawson of The Pool Safety Resource was inspired to become a swim instructor after watching his 14-month-old son learn to swim.

Over the years, Geoff has become a pillar of his community and a renowned water safety expert. Read on to see his full interview and learn a little bit more about him.

Getting to Know Geoff Dawson

As you’ll learn during this episode, Geoff Dawson is dedicated to helping people stay safe in the water. Our guest today started The Pool Safety Resource in 2005. He published a book by the same name in 2010. Additionally, Geoff Dawson is also a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and a Certified Pool Operator.

As if that’s not enough, Geoff’s commitment to drowning prevention is made even clearer.  You see, he is also a member of the Safe Kids Worldwide coalitions in Seminole and Orange County, serving on their drowning prevention committees.

Today, please take some time to watch the full video interview our president Eric Lupton did with Geoff:

Digging Deeper: Learning More About The Pool Safety Resource 

As you have no doubt learned from the video interview above, Geoff Dawson has a powerful interest in teaching others to stay safe in the water. For over 12 years, his company, The Pool Safety Resource, has been working toward this goal. In fact, they work directly with parents and pool owners to develop a layered system that meets each family’s lifestyle.

As we often say on this blog, layers of protection are key to keeping folks safe from drowning. To this end, Geoff and his team are prepared with essential advice for confused consumers. From home security and pool barriers to alarm systems and lessons in swimming and CPR, The Pool Safety Resource can provide or refer the right solution at every level.

To learn more, visit the official home page for The Pool Safety Resource.

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Below is a direct transcript of the Child Safety Source interview with Geoff Dawson from February 6th, 2019:

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