Family Health and Fitness Day is an annual event designed to promote the importance of exercise, recreation and spending time outside.

What is Family Health and Fitness Day?

According to the National Recreation and Park Association, Family Health and Fitness Day is celebrated each year on the second Saturday in June. Each year, this special day demonstrates an appreciation of parks and recreation. These areas keep our communities healthy and vibrant. After the past year, a return to normalcy is just what the doctor ordered.

While the idea of heading to the park sounds terrific, swimming and playing in the park go hand-in-hand as well when it comes to families and fitness. So let’s not forget the value of community swimming pools!

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Jump into the Water

The first benefit of swimming is something we have been pushing on this blog since before the pandemic began. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, COVID-19 is not transmissible through water. During this uncertain year, swimming in your own pool has always been encouraged. It remains a great way to get exercise and to relieve stress. Plus, swimming is a great way to lower anxiety without a sweaty trip to the gym.

As many of us can attest, stress relief has been critical this past year. Besides general fitness benefits, exercise releases endorphins, the “feel-good” chemical, which in turn reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Of course, that’s great news for people who own their own pool. Unfortunately, anyone who relies on a community pool has been out of luck. Things are beginning to return to normal just in time for Family Health and Fitness Day 2021. So all across the land, it’s time to jump back into the water.

Health Benefits of Swimming

Whether alone or with friends and family, swimming can be an incredible workout. In the past, we’ve written extensively on the health benefits of swimming, but it is always nice to have a refresher.

Worrying about water depth while swimming

Unlike most activities, swimming acts as a full-body workout. It works multiple muscle groups at once and can even encourage heart health.

Swimming can benefit every member of the family, no matter their age. It helps to build a strong foundation for strength and stamina. This can improve posture and generally make you healthier.

As we mentioned, heart health is another huge health benefit. The heart does so much for the body that we often forget that it is also a muscle. Cardiovascular-focused exercise can help strengthen your heart. A healthy heart can also keep a person’s blood pressure and heart rate stabilized.

Finally, general fitness and activity can help to keep us slim. Regular exercise helps to burn calories and accumulate less fat. In turn, this can help to prevent diabetes and other common ailments.

Fitness for Expectant Families

Since we’re talking about “Family” Health and Fitness Day, we should mention that pregnant women shouldn’t feel like they’re being left out of the fun. Though expectant mothers should always consult with their doctors, there are numerous benefits of swimming for pregnant women. Swimming truly is something that the whole family can enjoy — even those of us who are expecting families.

So there you have it! Get on out to the park or community swimming pool for this Family Health and Fitness Day. The day happens only once a year, but you can take advantage of the outdoors any time.