On the Life Saver Pool Fence blog, we talk a lot about the dangers of drowning. We want our readers to be safe. After all, pool time should be fun and refreshing.  But one false move can mean tragedy.  Well, this is just as true for kiddie pools as it is for any other pool.

We’ve discussed boating, diving and more. These are all higher risk activities that may be more obvious water safety risks. On the other hand, people may automatically assume that kiddie pools are safer than regular pools.  They’re smaller and shallower, so what could go wrong? The answer, unfortunately, is “a lot.”

Read on for some tips that will keep water safety front-and-center.

Adult Supervision and Kiddie Pools

Some people may think that children don’t need as much supervision in an inflatable pool. This can cause parents to pay less attention to safety. The truth is, someone can drown in as little as two inches of water.  Therefore, it is important that parents and caregivers stay focused at all times when their child is in an inflatable pool.

  • Avoid distractions like your cell phone or the book you’re currently reading.
  • Stay alert and don’t drink any alcohol while supervising.
  • Finally, it can be extremely beneficial to be trained in CPR. This skill can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Create barriers between the home and the pool area. Often when a child is missing from the home, they are found in the pool. If the pool is left out, be sure that it is in an enclosed area that is difficult for a child to access.Stay Within Arm's Reach

Run the Water Hose First

Some families fill their kiddie pool using the garden hose. Therefore, it should be noted that he water inside a garden hose can be very harmful. When water sits inside the hose in very hot weather, the water boils. If you then fill the pool or spray your children with the hose, it can cause severe burns. It is best to run water from the hose for a bit before using it for water activities.

Summer Warning: Hot Water from a Garden Hose

Take Away the Temptation

It’s no surprise, kids are curious. They explore anything they can manage to get their hands on. By taking away the temptation of playing in kiddie pools, you help to eliminate a significant amount of risk. Some things you can do to keep the kids from ending up in the pool include:

  • Drain kiddie pools when not in use.
  • Have and enforce a strict “no playing near the pool” rule.
  • Drain and deflate the pool when it isn’t in use. Better yet, if the pool is out, turn it upside down.
  • Remove toys from the pool area. This simple adage of “out of sight, out of mind” makes perfect sense here.

Don’t Forget About the Pets

Don’t forget about your furry friends in this hot water.  Just as you actively supervise a child, you should also remove access to the pool area for your dogs and cats as well, such as a pet door. After all, kiddie pools aren’t the only danger to the kids in your home.