Airbnb and Life Saver Pool Fence are partnering. Every once in a while, we take a break from safety tips to share some exciting company news. We are very proud to announce that Life Saver Pool Fence is partnering with Airbnb. This is part of a nationwide pool safety campaign designed to help hosts keep their guests as safe as possible.

Pool Fences and Swimming Safety

As our regular readers and customers know, drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children under four. Fortunately, taking extra safety precautions goes a long way towards limiting this danger. In fact, reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that installing a pool fence can reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 83 percent.


Over the years, Life Saver Pool Fence has been helping pool and hot tub owners across the nation. With sturdy easy-to-install pool fences, it has never been easier to protect your swimming area with a gorgeous pool fence.

Airbnb’s Mission for Pool and Party Safety

Airbnb has recently announced new rules to eliminate potential drowning danger hazards for hosts and guests alike. Through partnerships with trusted water safety experts, the company is working on an education campaign to teach both hosts and guests alike about potential safety risks.

How Life Saver Pool Fence is Partnering with Airbnb

During summer 2022, according to Airbnb, there has been a substantial increase in searches for destinations with pools. In fact, there’s been more than a 50 percent increase. Keeping that in mind, Airbnb has committed to promoting pool safety.


Life Saver Pool Fence is partnering with Airbnb on this nationwide pool safety campaign. The aim is to help hosts obtain pool fences and educate them with tailored pool safety guidance. This is especially important for guests – especially families traveling with children.

In an effort to help with the cost of pool gates, Life Saver Pool Fence is offering a special discount to select Airbnb hosts in the U.S. for pool gates and professional installation.

The Value of a Pool Safety Fence

As our readers know, we are quite enthusiastic about pool fences. Their importance cannot be overstated. For the basics, a pool fence should be at least four feet tall. This height should help to prevent kids or pets from climbing the fence and reaching the water. Another measure against climbers is the sturdy mesh material, which prevents the surface from being used as a foothold like, say, a chain-linked fence.

Additionally, the fence should be sturdy enough to withstand the elements and heavy interrogation from curious little ones!

Beyond this, the pool fence should have a self-closing, self-latching gate. This will help to provide peace of mind that the gate was not accidentally left ajar. For more information about the value of pool fences, read our detailed blog.

For additional safety information, we always recommend installing layers of safety. A pool fence is a powerful tool, but adding extra security measures will help to further protect your guests from possible danger. These extra measures include pool alarms, alarms for your home, and even alarms for your children. Ideally, these devices should be loud enough for anyone nearby to hear them. Find out more about layers of protection in this blog post.

Life Saver Pool Fence is very excited to be spreading the lessons of water safety with Airbnb. As a company, it is our hope that this partnership can help to educate hosts and encourage them to install additional safety measures on their properties.

To learn more about Airbnb’s water safety campaign, read their full announcement. We’re very excited to push forward with this new partnership.