It’s official, May is National Water Safety Month! Everyone loves to swim, but unfortunately, the water can be surprisingly dangerous. We must all be aware of unlikely drowning hazards. For this reason, several major organizations, including the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, NRPA, the American Red Cross and the World Waterpark Association partnered to host this celebration of water safety. You can read all about it on the official National Water Safety Month page.

Life Saver Pool Fence is proud to join these wonderful organizations in their efforts. Together, we should all do our part to spread the word of National Water Safety Month 2018.

What is National Water Safety Month?

This month-long event shines a light on the many potentially dangerous aspects of swimming that often go overlooked. As always, the best way to spread awareness is through focused, ongoing education. Fortunately, that’s also one of the primary functions of the Life Saver Pool Fence blog!

5 Tips To Stay Safe While Swimming

If you’ve been reading along with us, you’ve no doubt noticed that each entry is chock full of useful, easy-to-follow information. Readers will also discover fascinating interviews with water safety experts, swimming instructors and even a few tips on how to drive safely in the rain! When it comes to our readers, we want to be absolutely sure that no one is swimming under a a false sense of security. You can never be too careful!

Here Are a Few of Our Most Popular Posts:

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Swimming Lessons: It's Never Too Late to Learn

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