May is a special month for water safety experts. That’s right, it’s National Water Safety Month 2019!

As the name suggests, this is the perfect time of year for everyone to review water safety standards. As you’ll learn, this event aims to improve everyone’s general knowledge of safe water practices. With proper education, this month will help people to fully understand how to avoid potential tragedies. 

Learning More: National Water Safety Month 2019

Each year, several organizations partner to host this monthlong event. For 2019, this list includes the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, NRPA, the American Red Cross and the World Waterpark Association.

According to the official National Water Safety Month 2019 page:

In recognition of the popularity of swimming and other water-related recreational activities in the United States, and the resulting need for ongoing public education on safer water practices, the month of May 2019 is National Water Safety Month!

National Water Safety Month will be celebrated through educational programs, public service announcements, governmental proclamations, dealer and business promotions and the distribution of water-safety-themed materials, aimed primarily at the public.

Life Saver Pool Fence Supports The Message of the National Water Safety Month 2019

Just as in 2018, Life Saver Pool Fence is proud to support and shine a light on the efforts of these wonderful organizations. Together, we should all do our part to spread the word water safety.

Now, our regular readers know about our commitment to preventing drowning. To this end, the more people practicing proper water safety, the safer we’ll all become. Throughout this entire month, we’ll shine a light on specific issues that can help to keep swimmers out of harm’s way.

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We would absolutely love for everyone to join us during this important safety event. That goes for this National Water Safety Month 2019… and beyond!