Regular readers of the Life Saver Pool Fence blog know just how prevalent drowning can be. To this end, we take a moment each month to look back at the drowning deaths and miraculous rescues from the previous few weeks. Sadly, water safety cannot be overestimated. Every person, young and old, needs to understand the dangers and unlikely drowning hazards that may crop up.

With careful preparation, drowning is preventable. That said, this isn’t an easy task. It takes quick thinking and proper education.

This is why, each month, we highlight these powerful stories that will hopefully inspire our readers to become more aware of potential risks. Read on for the tragic drowning deaths and heroic rescues of October!

October’s Tales of Drowning Deaths and Heroic Rescues

Unpredictable Waves Can Cause a Walk Along the Beach to Turn Deadly

A Connecticut man tragically drowned without even planning to be in the water. His body was found after being swept out to sea while walking. The culprit? He was knocked off of his feet by heavy waves and was swept out to sea.

Seashore Chief Ranger Leslie Reynolds told the press: “We do our best to let people know about the hazards, but whoever ventures down there needs to be aware of what the waves can do.”

We must all beware of unlikely drowning hazards. Please remember to keep your guard up when you’re standing or walking near any body of water. It could very well save a life!

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Heroic Rescues: CPR Helps Man to Save a Drowning Baby

On a happier note, Carlos Rodriguez is a hero. He saved a baby who nearly died from drowning in the bathtub. Now, he wants all parents to learn CPR.

“If you don’t know the basics of CPR, learn it,” Carlos said. “You never know when you’re gonna need it. You never know when you’re gonna need to save a life.”

That’s a good lesson for us all to learn. We always push the importance of CPR. Additionally, there’s another lesson here. The bathtub can be just as dangerous as the open ocean. We all must remember to never leave a child unattended in a bathtub or hot tub.


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Deadly Rip Currents Cause Multiple Drowning Deaths

Beaches and open water can be deadly. In fact, rip currents can be incredibly dangerous. Recently, there were two separate drowning incidents resulting in fatalities on Florida’s Talbot Beach. In response, Little Talbot Island staff is conducting safety reviews to prevent more tragedies like these.

No matter how confident a person may be near the water, it’s critical to always pay attention. Keep an eye out for the warning signs! To ensure visitor safety, always encourages visitors to be vigilant near water, observing designated swimming areas and obeying all signage and park staff.

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Layers of Protection Save Lives

In this tragic tale, a young child drowned in an Indiana creek. According to investigators, a Noblesville mom was taking a shower when her two children opened the front door and wandered outside. Unfortunately, one of the children was found unresponsive in the nearby creek. Responders tried to revive the child on-scene, but it was too late. Doctors pronounced the child dead a short time later at the hospital.

Beyond the Yard: Installing a Pool Fence for a School and More

This goes to show the importance of using layers of protection. It is crucial to install high locks on your doors and windows. Additionally, alarms and pool fencing can act as a barrier between a child and potential danger. Children are fast, crafty, and can slip away much more quickly than most people realize.

Backup layers of protection are important if a parent must step away for a shower, or for any other reason.

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Swimming with Leopards? That’s One of the Most Heroic Rescues We’ve Seen!

We always like to end on a “unique” story, and this one certainly fits the bill. In Maharashtra, India, a 7-year-old leopard was rescued from drowning in a 30-foot-deep well. This may sound outlandish, but there are more cases of animals falling down open wells than many of us may expect. The poor creatures are often not able to escape.

Fortunately, tragedy was averted in this story. Members of Wildlife SOS, a non-profit conservation organization, were able to use their training to pull the big kitty out of the well! Luckily, everyone made it out okay!

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