Life Saver Pool Fence is always on the lookout for new ways to spread the message of water safety. Keeping that in mind, we are happy to share our first pool fence safety cartoon.

Introducing Life Saver’s Pool Fence Safety Cartoon

Pool Fence Safety Cartoon

About the Artist: Amy Hwang

Our first pool fence safety cartoon was created by Amy Hwang. Amy Hwang has drawn cartoons for The New Yorker since 2010. According to her website, she is a winner of the National Cartoonists Society’s 2019 Silver Reuben Award for Gag Cartoons.

Born and raised in Texas, Amy currently lives in Scarsdale, NY with her daughter. In addition to this pool fence safety cartoon, Hwang has worked with several major clients, including Usual Wines, Fable, and many more. Life Saver Pool Fence is proud to join their ranks!

To learn more about Amy Hwang, follow her on Instagram and Etsy.

About the Value of Pool Fence Safety

Water safety is extremely important to everyone at Life Saver Pool Fence. Our strong, mesh pool fencing is designed to be both strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to remove when it’s not needed. Put simply, it’s a wonderful mix of safety and convenience.

A pool fence should provide a barrier to entry to the water area of a backyard. As you can see in our first pool fence safety cartoon, little ones and pets love sneaking into places they don’t belong. That’s true even if it could be dangerous. In fact, it might be even more enticing to them if it seems forbidden.

That’s where a strong mesh pool fence can help. Put simply, the mesh is the most important bit. Leaving a fence exposed to the elements over time will eventually cause some general wear-and-tear.

The trick is that you want your fence to be made of a mesh that doesn’t tear or blow over during inclement weather. A proper mesh should be able to withstand strong pushes, attempted climbings, and years of Mother Nature’s abuse. For this reason, Life Saver Pool Fence uses Textilene® mesh.

The 12-12 mil nylon mesh that is woven with a basket weave provides the tightest mesh available, ensuring a lifetime of worry-free use for homeowners. Contact Life Saver Pool Fence today to learn more about our pool safety fences.

Additional Layers of Security

One final note is that a pool fence should never be your only line of defense against drownings. Adding multiple layers of security can really help to reduce the risk of danger to you and your loved ones. After all, drowning is preventable. Here are a few additional ways to help keep people safe in the pool area:

  • Add high locks to all of the doors and windows that lead to the pool.
  • Add alarms on the doors and windows that access the pool.
  • Place an extra alarm inside the pool to warn if someone is in the water.
  • Swimming lessons should be given as early as you and your pediatrician feel comfortable doing so. Infant swim lessons start training babies to roll over and float earlier than you might think.
  • Having CPR training can save a life.

To learn more, please check out the rest of the Life Saver Pool Safety Blog. Please feel free to share our first pool fence safety cartoon with your friends and family. Spreading the word about water safety can save lives!