When you buy a pool fence, we donate fencing to a near-drowning victim’s family.

On Thursday, March 10, 2011, the Save a Life Program really came alive as Life Saver donated its first pool fence under the program. And the family couldn’t have been more deserving of a free pool fence.

On February 21st, Genesis Franco, 2 years old, fell into the pool while her parents and older sister were home. Tiffany Repecki of the Cape Coral Breeze reports:

Genesis was playing on the lanai when she fell into the pool, her mother said.

“She just fell,” Franco said.

“Everything happened so fast,” she added. “It was an accident.”

Carlos Franco jumped in the pool and pulled Genesis out. The child was not conscious and was not breathing, according to the police report. As Carlos began to perform CPR on Genesis, Franco called 911. Medics soon arrived.

“They showed up really quick,” she said.

Genesis was transported to the hospital, where she remained Friday.

“She’s still hanging in there,” Franco said, adding that the family has faith that Genesis will be OK.

“We are strong believers. We believe in the power of Jesus Christ,” she said. “We’ve been praying, we’ve been fasting for her. I know he’s going to do it.”

As of this writing, Genesis remains in the hospital.

As soon as I read this story, I knew this was the exact situation the Save a Life Program was created for. The scenario in this near-drowning is by far the most common: the parents were home, and the child was thought to be away from the pool.

I called Genesis’s mother, Carolina, and told her that I had read about her daughter in the news, and wanted to install a pool fence around her pool. To put it lightly, she was overwhelmed, and couldn’t believe that we were offering a pool fence for free. We had a few conversations over the next few days — about her family, her pool, but mostly about Genesis and her recovery — and we setup a date and time to install their new pool fence.

Life Saver Pool Fence of Naples (a division of Fabri-Tech, Inc.), headed by Danny Mitchell, was our closest distributor to the Francos. Despite being fully booked, Danny was incredibly accommodating and rearranged his schedule to book the installation just two days after we spoke. Despite some really terrible weather, Danny and his team did a fantastic job installing the Life Saver Pool Fence, completely free of charge. Danny and his team donated an entire day’s worth of work to the Franco family and their safety, and they ought to be highly commended. You can see from the pictures that they did a top-notch job. You can also see that the mesh is wet, which reduces transparency, and shows that all the hard work was done during the pouring rain.

We will continue to keep you updated on Genesis’s condition, and hope to get you some pictures of the Franco family with their brand new Life Saver Pool Fence.


This pool fence donation was made possible by:

Ray Morris (Fort Worth, TX)
Chris Badurina (Harrison, NY)
Jen Chaturvedi (Maricopa, AZ)


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