Dear Mr. Millares and Mr. Lupton,

I am writing you to extend my sincerest gratitude for providing me with my pool’s new pool safety fence. When I began looking for a pool fence my situation was very dire, but Life Saver Pool Fence was compassionate well above and beyond the call of duty and words cannot describe how thankful I am for their gracious donation to my cause.

Two years ago, my husband, Robert, whom I had been married to for over thirty years passed away suddenly leaving me with a hole in my heart. Robert had been the sole income provider in our household during our marriage, so following his loss I was put under incredible financial strain. I was lost, no income, nowhere to turn and missing the love of my life dearly. Once I was able to cope with my husband’s death, I decided to devote my life to becoming a foster parent, in memory of my husband who provided me with my three loving children. I’ve always been a mother and nothing would make me happier than making a difference in the lives of children.

In order to foster/adopt children though, I needed to child proof my home which included getting a new fence for my pool. Unable to afford a pool fence after my husband’s death, I thought that my dream of becoming a foster parent would be dashed against the rocks, but like real life savers, Life Saver Pool Fence came to my rescue. When I explained my situation, they astonished me by not only offering to install the fence free of charge, but also donating their time, money and materials to making my dream come true. For all their compassion, charity and kindness all I can offer is my deepest thank you, from the bottom of my heart to the company and all the people that helped me in this dire time. You guys really are life savers.


With my deepest thanks,

Bertha L. Villegas