If you live in high-wind or storm-prone areas and own a pool, this blog is a must-read for you. Parents and grandparents everywhere know that kids love splashing around in the pool. That said, as responsible adults, we also know that water safety is extremely important.

Join us as we dive into the topic of pool fences and how they can protect our little ones during unpredictable weather.

Why Worry About Pool Fences in High-Wind and Storm-Prone Areas?

Let’s start with a dose of reality: living in high-wind and storm-prone areas can wreak havoc on your pool area. No matter how carefully you built that serene poolside paradise… a vicious storm can potentially destroy everything. Your pool area can become a potential drowning hazard in the blink of an eye.

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A massive tornado can topple furniture or, even worse, uproot a poorly planted pool fence. If your pool fence isn’t up to the task, a single rough gust of wind can blow it away. In these situations, there is a risk of accidents or, even worse, tragedy.

The Pool Fence Basics

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of concerns for high-wind and storm-prone areas, let’s quickly recap why pool fences are so crucial. Put simply, they are your first line of defense in preventing unsupervised access to the pool. In turn, this reduces the risk of drowning accidents. Believe it or not, drowning is one of the largest risks for kids under the age of four.

Is Swimming During a Thunderstorm Safe?

As a brief overview, a properly installed pool fence:

  1. acts as a physical barrier that deters kids from getting too close to the pool,
  2. buys you precious seconds to react in case a child does venture near the water,and
  3. ensures peace of mind, knowing your pool area is secure.

To learn more, read our detailed blog about the values of a pool fence.

The High-Wind and Storm-Prone Areas Challenge

Living in high-wind and storm-prone areas presents a unique set of challenges for pool fence owners. Keeping this in mind, what can you do to make sure your fence can withstand Mother Nature’s fury?

Avoid Swimming During a Lightning Storm

  1. Choose the Right Materials: Opt for strong materials that can withstand the elements. Our Textaline mesh is immensely strong and built to take on the elements.

  1. Secure Installation: Make sure your fence is professionally installed with a solid foundation. To be doubly sure, reinforce it with concrete to prevent it from being uprooted during strong winds.
  2. Height Matters: The height of your pool fence is crucial. Taller fences are less likely to be blown over. Always aim for at least four feet in height. This prevents little ones and pets from clambering over.
  3. Gate Safety: Ensure that your gate is self-closing and self-latching. This minimizes the chances of it being left open accidentally, even during windy conditions.

Regular Pool Fence Maintenance is Key

While a quality pool fence is built to withstand the elements, don’t ignore general maintenance. In the end, this is a vital way to ensure that it continues to provide the protection your family needs.

  1. Check for Damage: After severe weather, always inspect your fence for any damage or loose of screws and bolts. Address any issues immediately.
  2. Trim Trees and Shrubs: Trim overhanging branches and shrubs near the fence. These can act as a wind sail and increase the chances of it toppling over.
  3. Cleaning: Keep the fence clean. Not only does this help aesthetics, but it also protects against corrosion and rust, which can weaken the fence over time.

Safety Education

While a sturdy pool fence is crucial in high-wind and storm-prone areas, teaching your kids about pool safety is equally important. Educate them about the dangers of the pool and the importance of never going near it without adult supervision, especially during storms or high winds.

Safety First, Always

In the end, it all boils down to one thing: keeping our loved ones safe. When you live in high-wind and storm-prone areas, investing in a secure pool fence isn’t just a good idea; it’s an absolute necessity. Remember to choose the right materials, ensure proper installation, and stay vigilant with maintenance. And don’t forget the power of education – teaching your kids about pool safety is a lifelong gift.

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