Pool Safety Information Every Parent Should Know

Parents, this may surprise you a child is a hundred times more likely to be killed by a swimming pool than a fire arm. That’s right, a swimming pool. Drowning is the leading killer of children under five. Nearly 700 children fatally drown each year and for every child who dies from drowning another four children are sent to the ER for non-fatal submersion injuries, many becoming permanently disabled. 69 percent of drowning incidents occur while one or both parents were responsible for supervising the child, many of them good parents just like you. Three out of four of these children have been seen no more than five minutes before being found in the pool. Children drown quickly and quietly, but there are a number of layers of protection you can take to ensure the safety of your little one. High locks and alarms on all doors and windows with pool access. A child pool safety fence, isolating the pool from the home and all access points. Alarms both in the pool and worn on the child. Water survival training as soon as the child is crawling. And finally, CPR and rescue training. The more layers of protection you have the safer your pool area will be. You wouldn’t leave a gun sitting on your kitchen counter. You wouldn’t own a car without seat belts. Don’t own a pool without protecting it. Pool safety education saves lives. Help spread the word by sharing this video with your friends, family on your Facebook, your Twitter, by email, everywhere. You never know whose life you might save.