Take care to protect your dog. Let’s face it – most dogs love the water! As soon as they see a pool, they’re in it! But sadly, thousands of dogs drown each year. While there isn’t an exact number, veterinarians estimate that 5,000 family pets drown in backyard pools each year. Our pets are our family. They are our best friends and our cuddle buddies. We can’t imagine life without them. Most of us would do anything to protect our dogs — much like we would with our own children.

Life Saver Pool Fence recommends that pet owners install “layers of protection” for their dogs. This protection can prevent a tragic drowning, even if you don’t have children. Whether your dog is an expert swimmer or is afraid of the water, consider the following tips to protect your dog.

Protect Your Dog With a Life Saver Pool Fence

Protect Your Dog: Pool Safety Tips & Layers of Protection For Your Pet

  • Just as you would with your child, actively supervise your pets while they are in the water.
  • Swimming lessons are important! Train your dog to swim to the steps of the pool. If they aren’t trained, they wont know how to get out of the pool. If your pool only has a ladder and not steps, it is imperative that you keep an eye on your pet. Dogs can become easily exhausted when swimming in the water, and if there is no way for them to get out, they will drown. To be even safer, swim with your pets if your pool does not have stairs. 
  • If you have a pool in your backyard, remove or block all pet doors. As mentioned above, pets need to be actively supervised. Pet doors allow your pets to go outside at their own liberty. Dogs are most susceptible to drowning at night.

    Even if your pet is a great swimmer, their ability to swim will decrease at night. If the dog accidentally slips into the water, it may panic and drown. We could go on and on about the disadvantages of having a pet door with access to a backyard pool. But, most importantly remember that a pet door makes it impossible to actively supervise your pet. Would you give your child access to their own personal door?

  • Install a pool alarm. Pool alarms are easy to install and will alert you if your pet has gone into, or fallen into, the pool. Another option is an alarmed collar. This will alert you if your pet has fallen into the water.
  • Assess your pet’s ability to swim. Though some dogs may still love the water, they may not be terrific swimmers. In these cases and also if your pet is older, you may want to consider purchasing a life jacket for them to wear.
  • Finally, install a Life Saver Pool Fence!

Protect Your Dog with a Pool Fence!

Pool fences are commonly used to protect children from reaching the water and drowning. But, did you know that Life Saver Pool Fence specifically designs fences to prevent pets from reaching the water, too?

Pet Fence

It’s true! A 30-inch pool fence is perfect for anyone with small to medium-sized pets. This fence is at the perfect height that allows for adults to keep a physical barrier between the pool and your four-legged loved ones. We recommend that, if you have a large pet, you purchase a fence that they can’t jump over.

Protect Your Dog With a Life Saver Pool Fence

If you are considering purchasing a pet fence, you can either install it yourself or have a certified Life Saver Pool Fence dealer install the fence for you. For self-installation instructions, visit www.petfencediy.com. Let us know if you have any questions. When it comes to drowning danger, we would love to help you protect your dog… and everyone else!