Today we the Safety Blog is focusing on the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm. It’s one of our favorite products.

When it comes to water safety, you can never be too careful. Now, at Life Saver Pool Fence, we’re pretty big fans of, you guessed it, pool fences! However, you should never rely on a single pool safety measure. Instead, as regular readers of our blog know, we always we recommend multiple layers of protection beyond pool fences. That’s where the Safety Turtle pool alarm comes in.

In this article, we’re talking about the Safety Turtle pool alarm. Today, we’ll explore a bit more about this wonderful device.

What is the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm?

As we’ve written in the past, active supervision from an attentive adult is key to keeping children safe near the water. Drowning is one of the most largest dangers children face. Of course, children may try to access the pool even from inside the house. It’s just not always possible to keep a laser-focus on little ones twenty-four hours a day. For this reason, we recommend the Safety Turtle Complete Starter Set.

It is important for doors and pool fence gates to have alarms, but one of the most overlooked places to set an alarm is one that you may not except: your child’s body. The Safety Turtle pool alarm is an immersion alarm. The meaning here is just how it sounds: this product protects your children from water accidents by sounding an alarm the instant they enter, fall, or ventures into the water. Basically, if the device is immersed in water, the alarm will sound.

How Does It Work?

Here’s an image of the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm:

Safety Turtle

Now, you can learn more from the product page, but we’re big fans of this immersion alarm. The Safety Turtle Complete Starter Set comes with a wearable locking turtle wristband, which fits easily on your child’s wrist thanks to a 7.8-inch soft child strap. This next bit is key: the starter set includes a base station. This is the part that will alarm if your child enters the water.  The base station should be set up near the adults, either inside the house or somewhere else where you’re sure you’ll be sure to hear it.

As mentioned earlier, when the Safety Turtle’s wristband gets wet, the base station alarm will sound. This should be an immediate signal for the parents to rush to the water. Remember, when a child goes missing, always check the water first. Drowning statistics show that drowning is a serious danger for young children. In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you have more than one child in your home, you can protect them all simultaneously with multiple Turtle Bands. These Safety Turtle pool alarm wristbands come in bright colors – blue, green and purple – for increased visibility. Just be aware, all the wristbands must be the same color in order for it to work with a single base station.

When to Wear an Immersion Alarm

Now, obviously parents are not expected to keep a Safe Turtle pool alarm on their child 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, an alarm like this is great when you’re cooking dinner or working in the yard and won’t be able to properly supervise your little one. In the end, children are precious, and no product can ever replace attentive adult supervision.