Are you considering installing solar pool lights? There are plenty of reasons why a person would consider this lighting option. They don’t drain power from your electrical bill and can severely limit the possibility of electric shock.

Today, let’s discuss the value of solar pool lights.

Why Solar Pool Lights?

As almost any pool owner knows, night swimming can be exhilarating. There’s nothing quite like the peace and quiet of a relaxing evening in the water. Additionally, swimming carries many health benefits, so it’s a great way to get in some exercise while no one is around.

Besides, let’s face it: pool lights make a pool look absolutely gorgeous in the dark. Not only that, lighting can immediately enhance the mood of a nighttime party or event. It’s just a cool, effective tool that allows a person to use their pool at any hour of the day. So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why someone wants to up their pool lighting game.

But what is it about solar pool lights in particular? What are the specific benefits of this choice? Well, first and foremost, let’s talk price. Solar pool lights can fit quite nicely into most people’s budget. They are also a terrific way to illuminate your yard and pool area without breaking the bank. After all, thanks to the power of the sun, you won’t be paying any extra electrical costs. Solar pool lights are a green, efficient choice for the savvy pool owner.

Another Shocking Benefit of Solar Pool Lights

Beyond added electricity cost, one of the biggest issues with using traditional lights in your pool is electric shock. Unfortunately, according to organizations like the Electrical Safety Foundation International, many people are severely injured or killed by this danger each and every year. Electric shock drowning is what happens when a person is exposed to AC electrical currents while in the water. In situations with a high voltage current, the initial hit is often fatal. In other cases, being zapped will incapacitate the person who is in the water. This often causes them to lose muscle control and helplessly drown.

The Value of Solar Pool Lights

On the other hand, solar pool lights are, well, solar. They don’t require an active electrical current. Therefore, they do not add the significant danger of electric shock to your home. To learn more about the dangers of electricity and water, read our electric shock drowning blog.

Options for Solar Lighting

Here are two of the solar pool lighting options we have available for sale at Life Saver Pool Fence:

Pool Fence Solar Light

The Pool Fence Solar Light uses a rechargeable AAA battery. It charges in the sun or shade, and has an approximately 8-hour run time. This light was constructed to fit on the pool fence posts built by Life Saver Pool Fence. It features a bright white triple-Lumen light. This light can be useful for brightening your pool fence in the dark, designating a gate entrance, and creating amazing ambiance.

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Ground Cap Solar Light

Containing six lights in each set, this Ground Cap Solar Light is designed specifically to be used with the Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc., premium pool safety fence system. These products are built to illuminate your pool area when the pool fence is removed.

Ground light

Featuring a white LED with three lumens of brightness, this light replaces a pole sleeve’s ground cap, and it’s designed to fit in sleeves that accept one-inch pool fence posts. Use this light to brighten your pool fence in the dark, designate the perimeter of the water, and enhance your backyard ambiance. Featuring durable plastic construction, the light is powered by a rechargeable AAA battery (included). It charges in the sun or shade and provides light for up to an eight-hour run time.

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