We’ve written about Memorial Day safety tips in the past, but obviously, 2021 is going to be a bit different. No matter where you live, chances are that there are some new guidelines in place for this year. Let’s take a look at some of these possible changes and how we can stay safe on Memorial Day 2021 weekend.

Beaches, Pools and Lakes: Stay Safe on Memorial Day 2021

Under normal circumstances, Memorial Day celebrations are usually full of fun days at the beach, pool parties, big barbecues…you name it! Of course, people are still using extra caution to stay safe on Memorial Day 2021.

This year, chances are high that you’ll still need to factor social distancing into your plans. Depending on where you live, there are a wide variety of regulations and guidelines that can really alter the party. Much like our blog about pool safety versus gun safety, we’re not getting political today. However, as a safety company, our first priority will always be the maximum safety and security for our readers. In that regard, this blog will always ere on the side of caution.

Check Your Local Guidelines

Keeping that point in mind, our advice will always be to follow the experts. Depending on where you live, experts’ guidelines can vary wildly. Those from the CDC will always serve as an excellent guide.

As for individual states, your local government may have specific guidelines to follow. For example, in New York, state beaches will be permitted to reopen on the Friday before Memorial Day with a 50 percent reduction on parking capacity and social distancing measures put in place. This is different from neighboring New Jersey, where the Governor outlined a similar, yet different plan for reopening the Jersey shore.

Other states have even more differences. The simple fact is that you should check with your local sources. This way you’ll be able to plan accordingly. It’s an easy way to make sure your Memorial Day 2021 celebration goes off without a hitch.

General Party Safety

Beyond Covid, general caution is still a good way to stay safe on Memorial Day 2021. Follow these tips to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way:

BBQ Heat can be Dangerous!

When barbecuing, be sure to keep an eye out for children. Kids are always curious and love to touch things that seem forbidden. That flaming hot barbecue is a perfect example. Always try to keep kids out of the area. In fact, one of the best tips is to cook as a team. One adult watches the food while another stands close by preventing little hands from getting burned. It’s a great way to adapt active supervision practices for meal time.

Active Supervision

Speaking of active supervision, an attentive adult should always be on duty when kids are either in or near the water. This person should avoid all distractions, such as phones or conversations. For best results, we recommend rotating active supervisors. This way, everyone can enjoy the party.

Avoid Drinking and Swimming

Put simply, swimming and alcohol don’t mix. If people are drinking, extra care should be taken near the water. It’s an important reminder for everyone during Memorial Day 2021 and beyond.

Install a Pool Fence

If you’re at home, pool fences offer an excellent layer of protection. These keep kids and pets away from the dangerous water while the party is going full speed.  This safety precaution will keep kids safe on Memorial Day and beyond!

CPR Saves Lives

Finally, having an adult that is certified for CPR is essential. Don’t underestimate this skill. CPR training can save a life. As many adults as possible should be properly trained.